I never wanted to be a game developer.


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Pyweek 4 Warmup Entries

Here is a list of all of the games made for the Pyweek 4 Warmup: If I missed any, please post them below.


Silver Bullet

This is my late entry to the warmup. In this game, one bullet is enough. Download Silver Bullet
Sorry about the huge size of the window. Also, sorry about the high difficulty level. I'll be figuring out how to balance it better later. Until then, I would appreciate some feedback. ^__^


Inspirational music videos

Here are some videos courtesy of Youtube to go with the themes:


"One is enough" for the Pyweek 4 warmup week

The theme for the Pyweek 4 warmup week is "One is enough". The "official" deadline is next Friday, March 23rd, 14:00 GMT, but the warmup isn't really about deadlines, so don't worry if you miss it. Happy hacking!


The Pyweek 4 warmup week

Announcing the Pyweek 4 warmup week.

The Pyweek 4 warmup week will start tomorrow at 14:00 GMT (that's 2:00 PM), when I will announce a theme here on this thread. Participants will have until next Friday to work on their games based on that theme, but please, don't stress out. Save it for Pyweek! You don't even have to finish a game, and you don't have to use the whole week. Just use your Saturday afternoon, or maybe a couple of hours each day, whatever you like. The whole idea is just to get warmed up a bit before the actual competition, which of course will be blood, sweat and tears all over. ;-)

I will announce the theme tomorrow. I have a list of different themes and I will probably just pick one out at random. If you like, you can suggest your own theme, and I'll include it in the theme lottery.


Pyweek is so much fun it's banned in Norway

So yeah, sorry about that, Norwegians. I'm really getting pumped up for Pyweek right now. I feel really inspired, so I'm currently just hoping that the inspiration will last until April.
I would really like to do a short warmup compo at some point before the actual compo. 24 hours, a weekend... something like that. If you're interested in something like that, drop me a line in the comments or on IRC (nick pekuja).