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Cool. Usually that much writing in a game is hard to get through, but it wasn't bad. I thought it
was a good use of the theme, I just wish my choices affected the gameplay more, like the things
you pick up at the beginning giving you different options. Maybe that happens sometimes, but I
played it through twice, once getting almost everything and once getting nothing, and it
didn't seem to make any difference that I noticed. Some of the dialogue tree logic was a little
off, for instance I could pick up things in the apartment that I'd picked up before. Overall it
wasn't too bad, though.

3 3 2

3 3 3

Your team managed to create a great game.

4 3 3

Well done! I may play through a few more times to see some things I missed. It has quite a lot of
content for a PyWeek entry! The presentation could be improved (the UI is not very attractive,
there is no sound, music, etc) but it's good enough to support the story.

5 5 4

I really like it.

3 3 2

I liked the spinning newspapers best.

3 3 2

Not my favorite type of game. I guess it required a big effort to create so many possible
stories, which of course I appreciate.

3 3 4

This game clearly favours egotism :)

2 2 2

I quite like the concept and text adventures in general. I think adding the timer was a bad idea
though - the desire to hurry up and the desire to read all the flavour text kind of conflict with
each other. That said, I did enjoy it.

4 3 2

That was a fun game. I liked the story and the part where the middle school kids were saying "Ni!"
made me crack up.

3 4 3

very nice!

3 4 2

Some of the choices felt a little awkward, and I'm not at all certain how many of them were
meaningful, but as a story it was effective.

2 3 2

I was worried I had to play for 2 hours, but I got to the end in about 10 minutes. Well done,
congratulations to all the team!

3 1 2

First, it was fun in the beginning. But than it was like "too many letters". Second, the plot is
almost the same as mine. Actually, idea of limited time was rejected and idea of limited steps
was used instead, but that's funny anyway. :)

2 2 2 yes

I can't really say it was bad. The writing was grating at times, and it didn't really introduce
any features that should've taken more than a few hours to develop, but not a bad attempt.

3 4 3

nice but the game need some action, it is a bit hard to play if english is not your first language.
the apocalyptical atmosphere is appropriate to "2012 end of the world" :-)

3 2 3

Good plot, quite involving.