PyWeek - NoroMaster47 entry - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 2

2 3 1

The darkness doesn't help make the game enjoyable. The art is not bad!

4 4 3

Wow. This is one of the best games in the competition. An interesting game. Very much.

2 4 2

Nice artwork!

1 3 2

I liked the sound and visuals. Maybe the screen was a little small. Unfortunately, I docked a
mark from the production score because I had to rename background.png to Background.png and
Quit.png to quit.png before it would run properly on Linux. The game itself was not any fun,

3 4 4

Set in a dungeon, One Way Trip follows the experiences of a cream coloured running man (who
suffers from a lack of sunlight) running to his freedom, which is somewhere on the right hand
side. In his way there are bottomless pits, spikes and red glowing eyes. The music, sound
effects and graphics all combine to give the feeling that one is actually in the dungeon with
the character. Some of the jump mechanics do not respond as the player intends. This makes for a
frustrating experience, when an ill-timed second jump results in the character falling
directly downwards instead of extending the jump as was expected.

3 4 3

Extremelly good graphics! What I don't like too much is the size of the screen, too elongated
and small. Good job anyway.

3 4 2

Too hard for me!

2 2 1

runs so veeeeeery sloooooooow that it's hard to play

1 3 1

The course is too random to be fun.

2 4 1

It's way too hard. Is there any purpose in limiting how hard the player can see? It seems
impossible to know exactly when to jump and when to double jump until I've already jumped into a

2 4 2

Almost more frustrating than fun, with the very limited field of vision and super falling
powers. Before playing, I had to fix the case issues on the images/Background.png and
images/quit.png files.

2 3 2

Nice graphic and music...

2 4 2

The game all looked and sounded really nice, but the field of vision was far too small to be
properly playable. Also be careful with your filename cases. Linux differentiates between
Background.png and background.png. Try to be consistent in your use of them.

1 4 2

Punishment every few seconds, and no rewards. Why?

1 1 1 yes

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 437, in play_game() File
"", line 69, in play_game if main( playground, FRAMES_PER_SECOND,
GAME_CLOCK, BACKGROUND_COLOR ) == "restart": File "", line 90, in main
background.add( Background.Background( [ 0,0 ] ), File
"Master47_/One_Way_Trip/source/", line 42, in __init__
Background.image_ = helpers.load_image( "Background.png" ) File
"Master47_/One_Way_Trip/source/", line 31, in load_image raise
pygame.error, "Failed to load " + filename pygame.error: Failed to load
images/Background.png I renamed the file, but there are other with the same problem :(

2 4 2

Nice graphic, but the game is frustrating, I played the game approximately 30 times and more
often than no I died at 30 meters, only one time I see the spikes, never the crates. I saw not
enough background to estimate the lenght of the jump or of the double jump, they are blind
jumps. sorry.