PyWeek - MarWar - feedback

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3 3 4

Impressive game engine.

3 3 3

3 2 3

Interesting concept, but flawed implementation.

It isn't clear how the thrust from the fans work, and I used up all my lives trying to balance them on the second level.

It would be nice if we could move already-placed fans. Having to clear and replace them adds a bunch of unnecessary mousing and makes it much harder to fine-tune a configuration.

With a little work, this could probably be a great game. :-) Sadly, it isn't yet.

2 3 4

I didn't get very far before running out of lives. I think having a limited amount of tries is unnecessary for this sort of game as nobody wants to solve the same puzzle more than once. I think the game could also do with an edit feature where you can move fans that are already there instead of having to clear them and start again.

3 3 4

interesting gameplay concept, but the feather physics seem to be off. i often found situations where the feather was in equilibrium far away from any fans. the playground is a great idea and helps figure out the fans, but why is there a lives counter in the playground?

2 4 4

Great use of the theme and well executed, but the physics was so finicky that it was more challenging than it should have been. Moving fans over by a pixel or two here and there has counterintuitive results. Every time I beat a level, it was more about luck than about cleverness or understanding. Which made the fact that I only had five chances to do it frustrating: when I played it through the second time I couldn't beat level 2, even though I did it the first time. The interface is pretty good for a PyWeek game, but it could have been a little better. I would have liked to move fans that were already placed by clicking and dragging rather than right-clicking and dragging from the toolbox again.

3 3 3

Nice game. I think life counter is a bit evil - puzzles are difficult by themselves.

4 2 4

good idea, a bit frustrating at times and found an annoying bug but in general pretty nice :)

2 3 4

An interesting game idea. However, I felt that the controls/gameplay made it a bit frustrating to play. For example, you have to restart from level 1 when you die, and you cannot move the fans once they have been placed. These two features made the game hard in not a good way.

1 3 2

I can't predict the effects of what I do and I see to need the feather to be at a specific location before the next step. Of course, I usually know the direction of the fan I want to place. So it just seems like a lot of guesswork but with the limited number of lives, that's made even harder.

Maybe I just missed something about the strategy. Would have been an interesting game if thinking was more rewarding.

2 4 4

It was a bit hard in the beginning to "guess" how the feather will fly and sometimes the reaction of the feather did not make that much sense...

4 3 4

Entertaining puzzle game.

2 3 3

The feather seems to stuck in in solid surfaces

4 3 5

Really unique game, sadly it's a bit hard to play. Graphics could be hugelly better, and the comfortable atmosphere got from the sound saves a bit the game production.

3 3 4


3 3 4

Unfortunately, I found that the feather became stuck on pretty much everything far too easily, rather than being lifted again by nearby fans the way it probably should have.

This made it really hard to win stages and seems like an issue that really should have been fixed early on.

1 4 2

Another nice idea implemented disappointingly. I found it practically unplayable: 1) Losing lives is a very bad fit here, as it discourages experimentation. 2) Fans can not be moved once placed (yet there are different buttons for resetting simulation and clearing the setup, which the player always wants to use together). This is particularly frustrating, since 3) the feather can get stuck on a tiny little pixel at the bottom of an outcropping.

4 4 4

Cool game! I got stuck on third level :(

3 3 4

4 4 4


2 2 3

Good idea, but having limited lives and having to start again from the first level after failure spoils the fun.

3 3 3

Music is very well chosen but the graphics (the walls) need some work. I think you should give
the player unlimited "lifes" because such games are about experimenting and trying things
out - I wanted to play more but the limited lifes were discouraging.

3 2 2

Weird that I couldn't pick up a propeller once it had been placed. Cool idea to have a sandbox version.

3 3 3

A The Incredible Machine type game with fans and a feather. The running of the actual simulation was less deterministic and fast-paced than I'd have liked. Feels a little bit too much like a strict subset of what's already available in similar games.

2 3 3

An interesting idea, but the feather got stuck when it hit walls which didn't feel right. Also having lives was a harsh penalty.