PyWeek - Many Moons - feedback

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3 3 2

Simple but nice idea!

1 1 1 yes

Sorry, it's segfaulting on me (pygame parachute).

3 2 3

I wouldn't call as far as calling it a game. But it's an entertaining program.

4 3 5

A novel idea, explosions, sounds, music, more interesting graphics and a high-score keeping
mechanism would make it even more fun to play (and a higher Production mark).

4 3 4

What an addictive concept! Great stuff!

4 3 5

I really liek the take on the theme, and the game is quite a lot of fun.

The production could be a better bit, but is prefectly servicable.

3 2 2

Simple little sim, reminds me of an orbit simulator on Encarta a million years ago. Provides a
few minutes of distraction

2 3 3

Quite pretty once I got a few moons on the go!

4 4 5

Really nice concept. And really good physics implementation.

2 2 3

Not much of a game, but it's beautiful! Well done!

3 2 4

Interesting game presenting a bit of a different challenge. Would've been nice to have some
sound effects and music.

4 3 4

Cool little game! I found myself playing this for a long time, just experimenting with
launching moons. The trails add a lot of depth to the simulation. This game shows you can do a lot
with just some standard pygame draw statements! A couple things I would've liked to see are
hints when launching: maybe map out the first 100 iterations or so so you have an idea of where
each moon would go. Sounds and a some soft background music would've made it more enjoyable,
and finally, another game mode where moons are allowed to collide would be nice. Overall, I
really liked this game. Great work!

3 2 3

It's a fun toy/simulation but it doesn't make me want to keep playing.

4 2 3

This was a suprisingly fun and very elegant game. I really like the simplicity of it. It is quite
relaxing to just set moons off and see how they go. I would not have thought that this would have
worked as a simple game but I think this could be turned into a very interesting game.

2 2 3

Quite pretty, but it would be much more playable if there were some indication of what the
initial trajectory of a moon would be given the currently-selected starting force.

2 2 4

Had quite a bit of fun with this. Got a bit dull after not too long.

3 1 3

Fun to play for a while, but a bit simple. The lack of audio cost some production points.

3 2 4

Very nice concept, there could also be some options (like planet mass, size, moons size) and
some kind of challenge (like score 1000 points, or keep 10 moons moving for 3 seconds :)) that
would force me to think more about it. Now it's just like for several tries and I lost concern
(didn't have comparison with others or some sort of other challenge). I really like the trails
that moons leave, it's very nice.

5 2 5

In my opinion the game is absolutely on topic, it will be interesting change the weight and size
of the satellites. very good job, only the graphic and the lack of music penalize it.

3 3 3

I especially like the trails. The instructions screen was nicely done.