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Something like this is a pretty significant undertaking for a solo entry. It is surprising to me you got this much done. Good effort.

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too short :(

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It's a nice day for a... white wedding! Also I had to kill the process to quit :/

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So, I think you got the basics of a dungeon crawler down. I like the way the character moves and
fights. There's not a whole lot of variety in the dungeon, but I guess you ran out of time. You
really, really needed a README. I had to look at your source to see what all the controls are.
Something like Left Shift to run is not intuitive. I also would have had no idea what the
connection to the theme Mutate was unless I'd read your "internal" documents. It's still
pretty tenuous. Marking DQ because there's no attribution for the music, which is clearly
White Wedding by 1980s Gen-X British punk rocker Billy Idol. If you honestly didn't recognize
it and you got it from someone else who claimed it was free to use, that would be excusable if
you'd put the source in the README!

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no way to quit the game other than ctrl-c??

no diagonal walking? at least do not block if two keys are pressed

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Don't understand how to play. I think I died but I can still walk around. I can only exit through
ctrl+C. Needed a readme.

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Dudes, there are so many things wrong with this entry. It's a team effort entered as a solo entry. You should use svn export to not include all the .svn cruft in your release. Whatever possessed you to choose rar? "Tiles from RPG Maker" isn't acceptable evidence of something being redistributable (although whatever art that refers to seems easily replacable, so I'm not voting DQ). No attribution for the music, and it's seems to be copyrighted, so that's also a mark against you.

The actual game isn't horrible. Some instructions would have been nice, and a better indication of when the player had died would have been useful.

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nice game ;)

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Difficult to work out what the controls are.

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You get stuck by these monsters....

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You should add some information about key controls.

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Nice music...

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Basic game engine worked okay but game felt very incomplete and the link to the theme was very tenuous.

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Unfinished, uninspired and clunky.

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A readme file would have helped. I'm not sure what my goal was, and the keys weren't obvious.

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I'm sorry, but I have to vote DQ on this one.

A lot of people on the IRC (and i'm sure in other comments) were griping about the use of .RAR. I don't think that's a big deal, although it does go against the (not required, but strongly suggested) guidelines at

The problem for me was the use of non-free images. That violates Rule #6: "There should be absolutely no breach of licensing."

Additionally, this was clearly a team entry, but was submitted as a solo project.

If you do enter next time (And I hope that you do):

- Please follow the packaging guidelines, including the use of Skellington and having a README file.

- Please re-read and follow all of the rules of PyWeek.

- From the code, which was very Java-styled, it looks like your team is new to Python. Please, read some guides on how to make the language work for you - it's not just Java without curly braces!

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.rar? Seriously? You're kidding, right? Well, you're obviously kidding. Registering a team
effort as a solo entry, infringing copyright (music and RPG Maker tiles), what a bad joke!
Well, sorry for this harsh comment, but you really pissed me off. I hope you'll be more
considerate and follow the rules next time.

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It's way to easy to get cornered in the basement :)

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There's probably a solid and fun (if unfinished) game hiding in this entry, but it has a number
of problems that add up to a poor overall experience. Firstly, I suggest starting with the
pyweek project skellington next time. It'll make it easier for the people rating your game to
get it going, and it'll prevent the mild annoyance from figuring out how to do that from
carrying over into the gameplay experience. Next, you really need to tell people how to play. I
had to hammer random keys until some of them did something, and I'm still not sure what's
actually going on in the game. For a competition like pyweek, it's fine to have this kind of
information in a README file, but more polished games have a tutorial or a brief set of
instructions before the first level or something. You need to handle things like clicking on
the window's close button. You should let the player use "q" or "esc" or something to quit.
Having to switch to the terminal I'm running your game from to hit ctrl+c makes me much less
likely to start it up again in the future. The actual game seems to be unfinished and a bit buggy
(which is par for the course in pyweek), so I can't comment too much on that, beyond saying that
it looks fairly ambitious for a first-time pyweeker. I really hope you find these comments
helpful and come back next time with a fantastic entry.

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Never really figured out the game.

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this game is a little boring, sorry :(

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theme rulez

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Cool concept. Kept getting stuck running into walls though. Why RAR?

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didnt get it