PyWeek - Team XII - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 5 4

Very good presentation. Fun and well balanced game.

3 5 3

Hehe nice take on the Guitar Hero style games. I think the text in the tutorial shouldn't have been moving, and missing perhaps examples of what to do. Retro text display was awesome!

2 3 1

longer levels would be nice

3 4 4

Cool :D I think the difficulty should have been easier for the first couple of letters. It took
me a while to be able to map colour to the right key, and I kept making lots of mistakes. It should
be more tolerant of timing mistakes as well.

4 5 4

Beautiful game, silly concept, nice graphics.

I actually recommended it to other people!

3 4 4

color to key binding would have been useful at the beginning (ok there is the tutorial)

2 4 2

Very pretty, but lacking in much gameplay variety.

3 3 3

nice game ;)

3 5 3

Really cool graphics and sound -- Excellent work on the production front. My main criticism is that the game play is a bit boring. Guitar Hero works because the patterns one is trying to match vary both spacially (in terms of when keys have to be pressed) And temporally (when they have to be pressed). Genome Hero is rather monotonous.

4 5 4

The controls take some getting used to.

3 5 3

First of amazing work on the visuals and "feel" of the entire game it was great. Gameplay was
more or less guitar hero with irritating controls.

4 4 3


4 5 4

Nice and polished, although the music stops at some point...

3 4 3

The mechanic is fairly simple, but very brutal. Perhaps a more traditional "this number of successes with fewer than this other number of failures" would be a better choice. Punishing a single error with a complete restart of the streak is a bit harsh. (And the reason I never got past the first level.)

Also, the timed fadeout of text was a bit annoying. Perhaps fade out more quickly and let me manually dismiss text I've finished reading, so I don't have to sit around waiting between sentences.

2 5 3

You don't know exactly when put a nucleotide. Nice graphics and music.

2 4 1

Fantastic implementation. Of such a pointless, boring game.

4 5 4

excellent production.

4 5 3

Nice job. You took a simple idea, made it fun and finished it, and it feels like a polished game. I also am impressed by the 3d effects, but maybe that's just because I haven't tried programming a game in 3d. Was it really as hard as it looked?
Fun bug: on windows, I minimized the screen after pausing the game. Crash!

Annoyance: Had to install bzip2. Looks like the windows version was in .zip format, but it wasn't part of the torrent. Oh well.

2 3 3

The vector-style graphics look flashy, but the gameplay didn't do much for me, sorry.

3 5 3

The game is beautiful!

3 5 3

Really smooth gameplay! Although at one point I got frustrated and jammed on the keys for 15 seconds straight. When I did that the game became ridiculously distorted and kept spouting insults at me. I had to kill it. But yeah, even though the gameplay is something we've all seen before, you executed it well.

I probably would have rated you higher on Fun if you had (a) let me advance the text by pressing Space and (b) let me continue from the level where I last died. As it is I'm not about to sit through all the text I've already read to play again.

4 5 4

Very freaking nice. :) The music was hot. The text effects and teasing jibes were entertaining.

I felt the gameplay needed a little more something to make me want to keep playing, retry, come back for another round. The soundtrack helped, but it kind of carried the game.

Nevertheless, for a PyWeek entry this was a superb accomplishment. You guys did great. Would love to see it go to the next level.

2 4 2

Not really fun or innovative, but nicely produced. I don't think calling players names will make them happy, well, not in that way at least.

3 5 5

great idea, im too noobish to get far tho

3 5 4

well created little game. the colors yellow and green are hard to tell for me (red/green weakness) but otherwise...