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3 4 3

music , gfx, and sfx are ok.
I liked it.

4 5 4

Nice and clean!

3 4 3

A cool game, but it would need a little balancing. Are you sure it is such a great idea to have lots lethal lava in every level?

4 2 1

Nice fun...

3 2 2

Gameplay seemed to have one inherit flaw, the jumping was a set defined height. Games like megaman, mario, etc. have a variable jump height, which helps you avoid bullets and get to great heights.

Graphics were pretty nice, but some of the gfx was ripped from other games, so I didn't DQ just marked down the production levels.

Good job on a first entry!

2 3 2


3 4 1

hard and well made game and i enjoyed it playing.

4 5 3

Great job on the game! It was a really fun platformer, and I enjoyed the fast-paced and smooth feel of it. The weapon was a lot of fun, and I liked the satisfying way that you got hit. The monsters had great animations, and the retro sounds fit perfectly with the style. Great art, great sound, great music, and smooth gameplay. What more could one ask for? :)<br><br>I jumped over the exit gate after finally beating level 4 to see if there was a secret over there, and I followed the narrow moving platforms and the small platforms to jump all the way to the right side, and I was bummed to find no surprise waiting for me! Perhaps that was something intended to go in, but never did? Ah well -- fun game all the same! Very well done!

3 3 2

When close the game: [nercof]
[~/Juegos/pyweek6-games_04-07-2008/instaladores/Robolts-0.4.7]$ python Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 17, in ?
main.main() File
line 10, in main MainMenu(screen) File
line 59, in __init__ self.__gameInput() File
line 103, in __gameInput exit(0) TypeError: 'str' object is not callable

4 4 3

A neat little game, well done! Tiny on my 1680x1200 monitor though.

3 3 2

I'm not a great fan of leaps of faith in platform games.

4 4 4

A very complete and well-executed game.

4 4 3

Great game, lots of fun! A great jump and shoot for a week. I died pretty easy, but i might just be too old for effective side scrollin'

4 4 2

Well done little game.

2 3 3


2 4 2

The window was a bit small, and there were some speed issues. When falling in the green sludge I didn't feel I wanted to bother going back and starting the level again.
Also a few graphical glitches and bugs (the flying mines seem to stop when off the screen?) let it down a bit.

3 5 2

Control here felt really nice, implementation was solid (apart from the final boss having 1hp). Didn't last long though and falling off the screen was annoyingly easy in many levels.

4 3 2

Quite fun, controls felt very resposive.

4 4 2

Not much innovation (platformer with robot character) but hey! You seem to have hit the fun factor. Nice game, with well done levels and all. Congratulations

4 4 2

It's great. It's remember to Megaman...

2 3 2


2 2 1


2 2 1


4 4 2

Pretty nice execution :)

4 3 3

Solid platformer. Would have liked to see some powerups or something and some more music, but all in all, very good etry.

2 4 3

Nice graphics! But sadly the game ran too fast on my pc ;(

4 4 2

I am quite amused. A platformer, and even a fun platormer! Great job well done.

4 4 3

Nice little game. :)

5 4 3

Well done guys! It was a nostalgic platformer, and I greatly enjoyed playing through it.

3 4 3

Pretty nice. I like side-scrollers. It had a hint of a mega-man-ish feel to it, which I liked. Unfortunately there was a little too much falling-to-my-death for my tastes :)

4 4 2

A little bit too easy and simplistic, but for a run-of-the-mill platformer it's pretty fun. The combined life-force/timer is an interesting mechanic. Music and art are nice, and overall production is good.

4 4 3

Very nicely done.

5 4 2

Other than the boss dying in one hit, this was a great game. Levels 4-5 were highly annoying, and I mean that in the best possible way.