PyWeek - Mutate Lab Puzzle Project - feedback

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3 4 3

I found the straight-down point of view didn't show-off the 3-D rendering very well and the height of it made for a very limited view of the maze which I found a bit pointlessly frustrating. Otherwise it was a cool and quite fun concept.

4 4 3

3d!! and fun. Its quit hard not to lose track of the map. A minimap or putting the camera further away would be useful.

3 3 3 yes

I obviously don't have the appropriate graphics hardware for this game.

I get segafaults when trying to use the shader.

3 4 3

It was kind of difficult to solve the puzzles since the view was so limited.

3 3 3

nice game ;)

3 3 3 yes

Used a lot of CPU and hung.

4 5 4

Needs a change of perspective!

3 4 4


2 4 3

nice 3d models and so but the gameplay is cumbersome in my opinion.

3 4 4

A decent maze, that keeps you thinking. Same save and restore would be nice. And a resizeable
window would be a great boon

2 2 3

Cool presentation. Initially interesting, but it quickly ran out of steam. I needed something more to engage the mind and demand an emotional investment. I see you complained about limited time; would like to see what you could come up with if you had more. :) Not bad at all for a solo!

3 5 4

very cool

2 3 1

You get points for writing a working 3D game for PyWeek, but not for much beyond that.

4 4 3

nice use of 3d.

4 4 4

Nice idea, fairly well implemented.

I don't think top-down works very well with the models you used. That can probably be fixed fairly by tweaking the models. Also, the tiny screen area makes it a bit frustrating to navigate. These are both "extra polish" things, though.

3 4 3

Liked the idea. Enjoyed the maze geometry and effects. Some more involved puzzles and some music and sound would have been welcome additions.

3 3 4

The concept was pretty cool

2 4 2

Just a couple of questions:
-what are you originally? A girl with braids (top view?). -> No, I got the answer at the end of the game.
-why "shaped doors" are coloured and then you can pass them whatever the color, this is misleading.
Your plan to have additional shapes will increase the complexity of puzzles and this is good, so go on with it.

4 3 3

Cool little multi-state maze game. I think you added the right amount of levels to explore the game mechanic you chose. Overall pretty good. I don't have anything against it being a 3-D game per se, but I would have preferred 2-D graphics that were a little more interesting to these relatively bland 3-D graphics. The tiles were a nice touch, but the only shapes were square and monkey head.

4 4 2

Not particularly innovative but reasonably run, good job for getting some 3d done within a week

3 3 3 yes

missing components

3 4 2

While a puzzle maze is not very innovative this game was nicely made and designed. I couldn't read the text though.