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The graphics are fantastic! It makes me want to use First Street Material for something too!
The music is well chosen as well. Take that away and what do we have? Basically you have to
collect five items in a large maze. I appreciate how different the enemies are. Each has its own
somewhat distinct behavior, really cool. But the shooting is still annoying for two reasons:
1) tapping C is not enough, you have to hold it for a bit to shoot and 2) the enemies can still hurt
you for a second or two after they die. This second issue may actually be intentional, and with
some polishing it could actually work. And one last thing that clearly received a lot of
attention is the writing. It is a rather short story, but the twist at the end is well done. I
don't think anyone would want to run through the game a second time (collecting the
ingredients is tedious the first time already), but I looked at the code to "see" the
alternative outcomes.

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i found it to be a little spaced out but otherwise really enjoyed it.

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You clearly put a lot of work into laying out the world map. It's an impressive amount of
content! I would have liked a little more than a fetch quest with shooting, but I did like the
internal monologue you had going. It was lacking some polish, though, for instance, you still
get hurt when touching a flashing monster you've already killed. I got to the top of the
mountain with only 3 ingredients, and it crashed with: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 6, in main() File "thecure-1.0/thecure/", line 21, in main File "thecure-1.0/thecure/", line 79, in run self._mainloop()
File "thecure-1.0/thecure/", line 165, in _mainloop if not
self._handle_event(event): File "thecure-1.0/thecure/", line 193, in
_handle_event elif not self.paused and not self.player.handle_event(event): File
"thecure-1.0/thecure/sprites/", line 157, in handle_event
self.set_shooting(True) File "thecure-1.0/thecure/sprites/", line 202, in
set_shooting self._update_animation() File
"thecure-1.0/thecure/sprites/", line 250, in _update_animation
self.anim_timer.stop() AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'stop'

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Pretty good. Ending is a bit telegraphed, but OK.

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Great graphics. good work :)

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I ran out of lives. Lives suck. It was impossible to avoid the enemies in the forest, was I meant
to have a weapon? Also I went wandering off into the mountains and got told to go back. The game
could have given more feedback on what I had left to find.

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4 3 3

nice game

3 4 4

Nice twist!

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Nice twist ending! A few things I found frustrating about the game: a lack of sound effects,
which made it unclear to me that I was being hit at first and a lack of indication of progress,
i.e. I had to remember what it was that I was supposed to find exactly; what I had already found
and what I hadn't yet found. Otherwise a great little game!

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boring gameplay

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I'm sorry, but it's game is buggy, and the concept is banal...