PyWeek - Grimfang - feedback

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3 5 3

Looks great

3 4 4

3d isn't easy, it had sometimes a bit a shaky camera, I think because of collision
detection.... I would have expected to fall down the plants connecting and falling down from
the cliffs, but no, there was an invisible barrier...well done

3 4 3

Very pretty and quite cute. Gameplay is a bit simplistic and lacks real challenge, though.

The keyboard controls were very annoying and it was easy to get stuck on the bridges.

1 1 1 yes

Screen is completely black

4 5 4

Nice game, very tranquil music.

1 5 2

So production on this was amazing. 3D was honestly really good and looked fun. But the major
flaw was just that the game wasn't fun. Collecting seeds and planting them isn't that
interesting. Couple odd issues (I'd start sinking into the plant bridges on occasion) but
otherwise production was great.

3 4 3

The camera is shaking a bit at times, the character can get a bit stuck on the spiral
plant-things, but apart from that I had no problems. The game is a bit short and a bit simple.

3 4 3

The gameplay is rather simple, but the production values are very good.

4 4 3

Very nicely done. Great surreal mood, pleasant animations and music. I did have an issue with
the collisions, most notably at the last spiral vine before the ending. I had to take several
attempts at climbing it. Also I clipped through a lot of terrain and hit a bunch of invisible
collisions. My first attempt at running the game resulted in a segfault but the second run went