Second sprite and blank terrain

Olympian Redemption

One man takes on the most awesome bi-yearly, python-based, week long game programming contest run by a bloke named the World!


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Screenshot from 2013-04-19 19:47:33.png
Second sprite and blank terrain
PyTM30 2013/04/19 18:59
Screenshot from 2013-04-14 23:39:30.png
A sprite floating about.
PyTM30 2013/04/14 22:42

Diary Entries

Day One

I've come up with a concept I like. It's going to be an uphill, 2d sidescroller based around some Greek mythology. I've managed to put a placeholder sprite on screen and move it around via keyboard input. Check out my awesome spriting skills! Anyway sleep time, I'll get back to it after work and hopefully get some moving around on terrain action going before bed.
Blue man.

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Days 2-4

I was ill on Monday afternoon so didn't get too much accomplished then. Since then I have made a slightly better sprite, although it needs replacing; I then sorted out some physics and then spent a couple of nights trying to sort out ground detection.

To Do:
Background/terrain images
Opponents - collisions, AI, sprites
Animated character sprite
Story - I was hoping for cut scenes but time is running out rapidly.
Bleeps and bloops

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