PyWeek - Keon's Game Thingy. - feedback

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3 2 1

Clear connection to theme. Very short and simple, not a new game idea.

3 3 3

An interesting game. Very much.

3 2 1

Nice lyrical presentation. Interesting space-snake anatomy. Not much of a game. Bugs:
"Couldn't open dead13png", "Couldn't open youlose2.png".

2 3 4

I thinks its too cumbersome to always start from the beginning. Cool story :)

2 2 2

Oh my. I actually laughed at the artwork, and I don't mean that in a bad way. It was cool and super

Over 20 MiB of PNGs and the ship still looks like it was improvised from cardboard boxes? I can't
actually find fault with that; I forgive all for the giant angry green space eel.

However, I couldn't see what to do when you reach the heart at the end of the level - I pressed
RETURN and got a segfault. If intentional, that would be a very meta and fourth-wall breaking
way of showing that the crew never got out alive. But I'm guessing it wasn't.

Anyway, don't give up!

3 2 3

No win condition? This is so sad...

3 3 3

cute monster ;) and cool storyline

2 2 2

Nice background story, but almost impossible to win.

3 2 2

I liked the story and thought an eel ship was a cool idea. I thought the art style wasn't entirely
consistent. The ship was super-pixelated but the background had a mixture of pixelated stuff
and smooth gradients. Also youlose2.png was missing.

2 2 1

Some missing files, completely hanging on one system, and unexceptional game play. Okay, I
can't blame you for the second if it's actually a pygame bug.

1 1 1

A little bit disgusting... I'm sorry.

2 2 2

I don't feel that simply moving to avoid walls is a deep enough mechanic to carry the game.
However I did like the premise of the story.

3 2 2

I quite enjoyed it. I've played many like it, but I liked the confidence with which you pitched
the plot, and the slightly zany artwork had charm.

1 1 1 yes

Not enough info in the README. Tried with Python 2.7 and nothing happened :( I had
to kill the process, using 100% CPU.

3 4 3

very nice game, i like so much the setting mouth linked to heart? LOL :-)