PyWeek - Bouncy Shoes - feedback

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3 4 3

Great looking game. The idea wasn't very strong but pretty well executed. Dug the Type...

3 3 3

Great platformer.

2 4 2


3 4 2

8-bit is cute and well-animated. Game was hard though - I was more successful when I didn't
bother with the bouncing and killing and just tried to make all the jumps.

3 3 3

Promising game, but way too short. The mechanics are fun, and the graphics are decent, but
there needs to be more game.

3 5 3

The game seemed to freeze just before I died and after I completed it and went back to the title
screen. The art is very nice. :) If you develop the game further, please consider making the
movement keys configurable.

2 2 1

the game is very simple and has nothing attractive, but not a bad first attempt. :)

3 3 3

I liked that you can only kill enemies in bouncy mode; it adds some strategic decision-making
to the typical platformer.

3 4 3

Nice little platformer, the controls felt smoothe which is too often neglected. The level
felt a bit tight in that everything was bunched together and a bit more content is in order, but
very good job overall

2 3 2

After you die three times (and hence "Game Over"), the character has only ONE live. It's
probably a bug ;) It would be nice to have some information on screen (lives left?). The inertia
when you try to stop and jump at the edge of a platform is evil, but well... it's space and feels
OK. When I get to the door, is it "Game Over"? :( A little bit short. It's not a bad platformer, and
with more content it could have been more fun. It's a platformer, and that's valid genre for the
8-bit theme; although you could have used graphics that fitted better the theme.

3 4 4

A little too hard for my poor reflexes, but well implemented.

I particularly like the art style.

2 3 1

I liked how jumping worked in this game. And, obviously, it needs more levels.

3 3 2

Pretty good for one level! Wish you had time for more, but it ended up pretty polished for what it

2 4 2

I wanted to like this game, it had good art and very slick controls. The mechanic of bouncing
being a bonus kindof confused me, because I couldn't damage the enemies, so it really wasn't a
bonus, because I would just uncontrollably jump for a while. That jump at the end was fun to hit,
but I was left wanting more. I thought the intro music was rad and I was a little disappointed to
get the happy chiptune during gameplay. For what you had put together, this was very well done.
Would like to see what you would come up with more time.

3 4 5

interesting concept

2 3 2

You made a (short) game. So more than me... so good job. But I can't rate you more than this

4 5 2

this game doesn't fit perfectly with the theme but it is beautiful and quite fun, I am very
disappointed because there is only one level, it's a pity! :/

3 2 2

I liked the smooth feel. Quite fun jumping around for a bit!

3 4 1

NIce visuals and music.

3 4 2

The bouncy shoes were fun but more of a liability than helpful for the platforming. I noticed
once I got a game over and started a new game I only got game overs after that, I never had any extra
lives. I thought the screen when you lose a life or get a game over was kind of cute and made it feel
a bit more polished. I wish there had been a "you win" when I won instead of just another "game
over." It would have been more satisfying. Anyway, even though it was only one level, I thought
it was pretty well designed and about the level of challenge I like for a platformer. I kinda had
mixed feelings about taking a leap of faith at the end.