PyWeek - Jungle Run - feedback

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4 3 3

An interesting spin on defence games.

4 4 5

This is a great game! It twists the tower defense idea in a clever way and merges it very well with
the theme. It's pretty fun too: there's always that tension on whether the semi-scanned truck
will cost you a life or not, and that decision whether it's worth it to risk speeding up the
trucks in order to try to avoid losing a life. Excellent work!

3 3 3

I felt strange being on the side of the law. Well done.

2 2 3

The theme is a bit strange for a video game ... The gameplay should be better explained, as the
player has no way to understand how the game mechanics works.

2 3 3

not so fun to play

3 2 3

Adventurous use of the theme! I liked the idea of the game and it was fun when I could get it to
play. Error on finish first level: Kept crashing when I clicked on some trucks, looks like ti
was going to move to the next level? Hence couldn't get past this first level.

2 2 2

Interesting idea but I had some issues playing it. I had to move some files around to get it to
work and also got some crashes when clicking on some trucks. Concept seems pretty interesting

3 3 3

Very simple game. Not a bad story hook, and the implementation is competent, but the gameplay
doesn't stand out.

3 3 4

We should make THEM pay for the scanners!

2 3 3


4 3 4

OK, I am confused the rules at the very beginning, then I get it. I dead at level 6, It is like a
tower defense game, to be honest, the game seemed a little easy. However, the music is good.

2 2 3

The immigrant crisis is human trafficking in disguise (huge profit for relocation
contractors and banks), an attack on the EU's economy, as well as an attack on the migrants'
homeland, all for geopolitical gain. Who benefits? There is nothing humanitarian about it.
How those homeless are being treated in the camps, etc is a symptom of the deeper problem:
corporations trying to destroy nations, borders, and ethnicity: the things that protect
national interests: and force desperate people to appeal to international governance.

I like tower defense. But the game play was missing something. There was a lot of mystery to the
mechanics, and no delight in discovering them. It wasn't clear how the scanners differ,
whether they specialize, and it wasn't easy to observe any difference. I guess the more
expensive ones scan quicker? I suppose I should make a TD so I can get more in touch with the
nuances of design, balance, and feedback. I'm sure it's a pretty stout problem. I appreciate
the effort! Honestly, I came into the game expecting not to like it (because of the political
statement), but it was not so bad. Congrats on first pyweek. :)

4 4 5

Controversial, but very original idea. Gameplay was smooth and the concept was simple but
fun. Challenging but was in no way too hard. Good game!!

3 3 2

Nice game.

5 5 5

dope game