PyWeek - Jumbi - feedback

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Just a little strange for me. I don't get it. I just hid in a corner during the game and then you
can't die. It's a little stupid...

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ha ha, I won the game just hitting all the rock keys randomly!!!

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Very silly game story. That was entertaining. You guys obviously put a lot of care into this,
made it comical, and your labor shows. This was a fine first pyweek. Congrats.

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Great voice acting and art. The game was very hard though. You need three hands.

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Pretty sure that some of it was intended to be "abstract". Not much gameplay interested me. But
a nice first pyweek entry.

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A very strange game.

4 2 1

Much wow...

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Nice graphics, speech effects and a story which makes curious about what happens next. I still
don't know whether one can really win the game. I gets really fast at the end.

4 4 3

Fun had. I liked the voice overs, cool art and zany, confusing story. I beat the boss by mashing
the a/d/c/b/h/o with six fingers as fast as I could. I enjoyed my apple green onion sandwich :)

4 4 4

It was fun! First time I play I skipped intro and don't know that rocks can be killed. I think it is
impossible to win. Second time I read intro and try to kill rocks. I think it is impossible to
win. Rocks flying too fast. Third time I just launched the game because I want to listen its
music and look at its pictures. May be I missed something. Fourth time I play the game after a
little code diving. I win! It is one of funniest games in this PyWeek!

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An impossible game, until you figure out spamming the keys works, then it's too easy. Weird but
enjoyable storyline.

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Acid byproduct of Contemporary art?

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I ended up just mashing keys in order to win. I can't imagine pressing them reflexively as
intended. I don't find memes amusing so the story and graphics really aren't for me.

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Although this was probaly meant to be ironic and purposely bad under the likes of pilotredsun
(which the artwork reminded me of the most), the use of outdated trends and the poor concept did
not connect with me.