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I'm getting a Pyglet error: "AttributeError: 'StaticSource' object has no attribute
'_data'". I've gotten it before. I think it has something to do with audio, but I don't think I
ever figured it out. Sorry!

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I installed AVBin, but still get this error:
AVbin is required to decode compressed media

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well done

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Completely refused to run until I installed AVbin, your readme made this seem like an optional
dependency, however it is required, at least on Manjaro / some Arch based systems. I like the
fact the you took something completely normal, lawn mowing, and put it in a bizarre situation.

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Very fun little game. Nice concept, and well executed.

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Love the nonsense plot, actually fun to play

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I love the rattling noise of the drone as you move it. It's the little touch that makes this game
feel responsible - that and the visible progress you see as you steer the drone across the
grass. This kind of simple visual and audio responsiveness is really addictive. Combining
the mechanic of trying to cover new ground plus avoiding bullets is clever! Done both of them
before separately but they work really well together.

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Windows 7 Installed all dependencies, pyget avbin.
C:\pyweek_21\the-last-gardener-v1\the-last-gardener>python Traceback
(most recent call last): File "", line 1, in import game.main File
"C:\pyweek_21\the-last-gardener-v1\the-last-gardener\game\", line 6, in from
game import Game File
"C:\pyweek_21\the-last-gardener-v1\the-last-gardener\game\", line 13, in
from profile import Profile File
"C:\pyweek_21\the-last-gardener-v1\the-last-gardener\game\", li ne 6, in
from level import Level File
"C:\pyweek_21\the-last-gardener-v1\the-last-gardener\game\", line 7, in
from enemy import Enemy File
"C:\pyweek_21\the-last-gardener-v1\the-last-gardener\game\", line 11, in
import sounds File
"C:\pyweek_21\the-last-gardener-v1\the-last-gardener\game\", lin e 10, in
'mowing' :'mowing_loop.ogg', streaming=False), File
"C:\pyweek_21\the-last-gardener-v1\the-last-gardener\pyglet\", line
629, in media return media.load(path, streaming=streaming) File
line 1429, in load source = get_source_loader().load(filename, file) File
line 1410, in load return riff.WaveSource(filename, file) File
"C:\pyweek_21\the-last-gardener-v1\the-last-gardener\pyglet\media\ ", line
201, in __init__ 'AVbin is required to decode compressed media') AVbin is required to decode compressed me dia

4 2 3

Great game, funny story, may be quite hard (and thus interesting).

3 3 3

The premise is hilarious, gameplay is good. But it constantly hangs :-(.

5 5 5

This game is a proper game, nice graphic and music, it reprises some of the old game of the 80s in a
new style. I didn't finish it but consider to put some obstacles on the ground (lakes or
something similar), it is just an advice if you didn't do already.

5 3 3

The combination of trying to move as fast as possible to mow the lawn and as carefully as
possible to dodge the bullets certainly creates some nice gameplay. Some very minor
balancing issues: the focused speed was just a bit too slow; it wasn't enough to actually dodge
the bullets. I think the rule of thumb is to make the focus speed equal to the speed of the

4 3 4

Interesting mechanic. I didn't quite get what was the idea behind using the shift key. I also
noticed that bullets sometimes didn't hit me when I thought I had been hit. The enemy behaviour
is interesting and the level design and steady increasy of difficulty is nice. Also how
enemies introduce new things and surprise you each level is nicely done too