PyWeek - Jjp-pyweek20 - feedback

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4 4 4

This was fun! This is a longer game than usual, I played through the first two level sets and some
of the third. This feels very polished and complete, with an elaborate story and everything. I
like the hub screen and the puzzles between level sets. The gameplay itself is fairly
straightforward, but I felt like there were enough interesting levels (although some felt
like fillers), in particular in the third set. I would have actually enjoyed the game more if
you only kept the better levels and made the game a bit shorter. Nice work!

5 4 4

I really liked this game. Great puzzles. Neat user interface. Exploration. Keys. Baddies.

Well done!

3 4 3

I love the awards you got, well deserved :). It's hard to judge this game. I has an insane amount
of content. I read the text from outside of the game -- the gameplay is too hard and not very
interesting, at least on the first few levels out of the half million. The writing is similarly
long but a bit too slowly paced. Nothing really interesting or novel is introduced, but it
suggests that maybe something interesting would happen down the line. That's half a success!
Anyway, it's an impressive achievement, especially for a solo entry. The UI is nice and the
gameplay between the levels (deciding which way to go, etc) is well implemented and makes the
game much more enjoyable than if it were just a string of levels.

5 5 5

well done!

3 4 3

Nice work.

3 3 3

Good obstacle maze game. Finer drone control would make for less frustration, avoid the one
tap jump into lava.

2 4 3

I like the production values and the extensive story. The mechanics didn't work out well,
though: at some point it got very tedious, the controls and levels felt very punishing and not
very fun. Did finish it eventually, because I wanted to see the ending, but it wasn't very

5 5 4

Yeah the main character is just a fancy square, but you more than make up for that in polish. The
sound, the smooth handling, the creative level design that has you retracing your steps, and
the multiple game modes all make it an overall great experience. Sorry but I had to quit after an
hour stuck on 2-5, where I felt like the difficulty ramped up really fast.

4 4 3

Nice puzzle game wrapped up in an involving story, clean and polished design/UI. Nice frills:
save games, options of sounds music etc. Good use of open source resources. Good flow of
levels, starts off easy progressively gets harder. OK, I admit I got about half way through and
couldn’t get any further, so I read through the txt files to finish the story. Whats down that
hole!? The suspense is killing me!

4 3 4

Very entertaining and innovative

5 5 4

A really excellent game. Well thought out and put together. I really liked the Metroid-like
feel to the game, exploring the maze and finding keys to unlock new areas. The Tetris mini game
was a great touch. Good pacing on the different levels with the variation in speeds of the
enemies working well along with the dynamic music to create a sense of excitement. The one
criticism is that the movement of the block was kind of boring! Some acceleration or minor
physics would have really enhanced the feel. The game is fabulous but remember that the core
mechanic is the movement of the block and that should be fun in and of itself (the canonical
example being Mario!). Amazing work though.

4 5 3


4 3 3

This is a quite difficult game! Especially on the hard levels. Graphics could be improved but
don't need to be, and the tetris-like placement puzzle at the end of each level is very fun.