PyWeek - Jjp-pyweek17 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
5 4 4

Wow, really fun! I had a great time exploring. The challenge curve was just right. The final
level was really creepy. The only improvement I can think of is that the controls were a bit
disjointed, between the arrow keys, number keys, and mouse. If there's a way to do it with 2 out
of those 3, I think that would make things a little easier.

4 3 1

Really fun to play once I got to the third level and things got going. Standard type of game
without any really new features, though.

5 4 3

It's one of the most complete games this time around. It has nice exploration and miniature
"grinding" parts. The upgrades work well -- money is plentiful, but there are always
worthwhile ways of spending it. The graphics and sounds are not very smooth, but they do the
job. The monsters are really simple, but there is a nice variety of them. Digging around while
getting shot at is naturally exciting, and it's ramped up nicely. By the end the game turns into
an enjoyable bullet-hell gameplay. The boss fight is a satisfying conclusion of it all. The
save system is very helpful. The game crashed (sorry, I lost the stack trace), but I did not lose

4 4 4

That screen shot does not do it justice. Great work. Got stuck on the boss :)

3 3 3

It's not that something is wrong with the game, I just didn't find it very captivating.

5 4 4

A bit slow to start, but very enjoyable once it gets going.

4 3 3

Quite an enjoyable game. The controls are a bit awkward, and the mechanism for using the
scanner and drill isn't particularly intutive, but the gameplay is fun.

4 2 4

I like a lot this game, but the graphic is too simple and there is a lack of music. A lot of time the
game is too slow and can be boring. I think if you improve this aspect the games can be very good.
For exemple you can add the shadow of the spaceship for a better result.

4 3 4

Nifty little game. It's good to be able to buy speed, fuel and health upgrades/refills. Good
balance between fuel usage, collected money, shop prices, etc.

4 2 4

Got a crash when shooting missiles at beta2 (tuple doesn't support assignment).

2 3 3

I don't know if there was a problem with the download I had or what, but I was unable to use the
scanner and actually do anything. I just flew around, scanning, and finally ran out of fuel.
Good work on smooth scrolling, it looked good, but unfortunately, I was unable to do anything!
Pygame 1.9, python 2.7.5, os x. I would have given it higher marks with music and sound effects.

4 4 3

I liked playing your entry. It's quite well designed for a 1-week work. The progress in the game
could be a little faster, for my taste, because we have a lot of games to play and rate in this
competition and not so much free time (I saved after finding the final equipment blueprint,
maybe I'll try to finish the game later).

1 2 3

The scan & mining mechanic was too tedious. I didn't get far enough to see any enemies.

4 4 3

reasonably fun and well balanced

3 4 3

Took me awhile to figure out how the scanner works. I think the "progress meter" needs to be more

3 4 3

it is clear to me that this game was designed pretty well, disregarding gameplay for the
moment. It seems to function fine; nice UI's; sounds and graphics, save feature. However, I
wasn't really interested to play the game--I got to zone 3 before I lost interest. Sure, that's
not really enough time invested. It just didn't feel like there was much substance to the game.

4 3 3

This is a very nice game. I'm impressed with how much you were able to achieve in a week. The UI is
very complete and works well. I was a bit confused with the gameplay to begin with but the
MANUAL.txt really helped. I think you have the elements of a very nice game here. The
combination of exploring, discovering items and then using them in the shop is cool. I was only
able to explore the first area and there wasn't too much to look at there. I think the fun level
could also be increased by having more interesting controls for the plane - the motion is nice
and smooth but it doesn't really feel like you are flying since there is no acceleration and you
can turn instantly. Some small things like that could really improve how the game feels. Well
done though!

4 3 3

A nice solid little game. It got a little repetitive sometimes, but the fuel upgrades combined
with mined fuel cells was a nice reward to offset that. If you had more time to complete the gem
graphics integration and other items it would certainly add to the fun. I like the way the
scrolling was done, and you selected a font that appeals to me. Nice job!

5 4 4

Music my friend. This game needs music. It is long game and all those phew phew gets tedious on
their own