PyWeek - Jjp-Pyweek16 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 3 2

Quite fun and very aesthetically pleasing despite only being blocks.

3 3 3

Very nice use of rectangles

4 3 4

Very fun. Creative levels too.

5 3 4

Great level design! Good variety of gameplay and learning curve.

3 3 2

Nice game, I like how blocks disappear once you pass over them. Adding some sprites instead of
squares would give better look to the game, and combined with a story you would match better the

3 3 3

Graphics a bit simplistic, but workable.

Some nice touches to the puzzles and the maze traps, but the time limit felt like an unneeded

4 4 3


3 2 2

Very well done! The game has a lot of potential, even is not an innovative gameplay. Although
the idea kind of works, I think you should have invested some extra time in the graphics. It's
difficult to feel attached to a plain blue square (after the boss killed me 6 times I gave up) and
it feels "unfinished". I would have removed the time limit (felt annoying after dealing with
all the obstacles in the level) and the "press enter" thing that cuts a little bit the action.
Summing up: I liked your game but it would have been way better with better graphics.

3 3 3

It was a more or less average game. It didn't really seem all that innovative, but it still
looked nice and felt like a completed game.

4 4 3

Good game, the levels are well-conceived, perhaps there is a lack of beautiful graphic.

2 3 3

Some nice challenges navigating the levels, but I lost interest during the first boss battle.
Too much tedious button mashing for me.

3 2 3

nice game, the boss battles are pretty hard though...

4 3 3

This is one of those games that proves graphics don't always mean everything. This is a very fun
game and I've enjoyed playing it. It's actually pretty hard! Well done!

4 2 2

I feel like my ratings are rougher than I'd like, but the categories are what they are. Yes, this
isn't a game unlike any I've played before, and it's not the prettiest, but my gosh it was fun! I
found the difficulty to be balanced well and enjoyed what I played. You mentioned this is your
first competition, I think; I encourage you to enter again!