PyWeek - Jitters - feedback

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3 2 3

+ Gameplay is quite fun in the beginning, if a little too easy.

- Not enough game mechanics. Gameplay gets old quickly.
- No solid goal. I can escape at any point with any amount of money.
- UI is nice but not completely there. A progress bar for each task would be highly desirable.

3 2 4

Could REALLY have used some music/sound effects. Was fun in spite of all that.

4 3 3

Fun polished game which I enjoyed playing. A few sound effects would be a good addition. Many thanks!

3 3 3

This is quite good, but I have a few issues with it. The first level feels too empty, but I guess that was the time. The time is up ending felt a bit too abrupt, maybe it could have been clearer when the time was running out, like a visual alarm or someting. Some actions seem a bit pointless (if I'm going to lockpick, why am I not going to open and rob it?). And where are my two million? :) The graphics are nice, though it could've used some sneaky music and sounds.

3 3 2

Some sort of reason for it would be nice

3 3 3

There needs to be a little more for the player to do -- perhaps items to collect and puzzles to solve.

2 3 3

It's an interesting idea, but the game isn't very challenging.

4 3 3

A game where you can rob is always fun... but who stole sounds?

3 3 2

Game was a bit short, and needed more variety in terms of challenges.

2 2 3

didn't like the graphics - especially the menu screen guy reminds me too much of those generic
"group" people you see in Microsoft products. Gameplay idea was fun - but it got boring rather
quick once I figured out how the guards move.

3 4 3

Not bad. The lighting effect was pretty cool, although I would have liked it to be a little more useful: you're caught when you're within a guard's light radius. I liked the idea of a tradeoff between fast actions and cheap actions. I think the balance was a little off, though. There wasn't much difference between 1s delay and 0.3s delay, so I almost always wound up taking the slow route. I think the control scheme could have been better. Why did I have to pick A every time and then a series of actions? How about: press 1 for a quick job that requires energy, 2 for a slow job that doesn't requires energy. And the times automatically pop up when you approach the object instead of pressing A.

3 3 2

The guards must be blind and deaf -- they don't seem to notice you even if you're breaking a desk open right next to them! Time limit seems rather arbitrary.

2 2 1

Did all these people really participate in making this game? I thought Armin Rigo could make a
better game alone in an hour. And where's the JIT?

4 3 4

I was left wanting more levels.

4 3 4

Some music and more levels and the game would be perfect. Yeah, a highscore or some kind of story mode may be nice, too... Fun game as it is.

3 2 4

It's a nice idea, but there isn't much of a game.

1 3 3

If you don't read the README (yeah, I know) you get dropped into the game with
no idea of what to do, and casual experimentation will only get you caught with
$0 in hand. Why not choose space, or enter, or even control for the action key?

Once you do know how to play... well, you can sneak around accumulating $$$, but
it never feels very rewarding. With no set target, the only thing is to
methodically go from desk to desk pilfering small change. I can do that in my
own office. There's not enough challenge, and thus little motivation to do what
the game wants you to do.

Perhaps some smarter guards, and more meaningful choices than smash or pick,
would elevate this well-executed game into something I wanted to play.

4 3 4

There isn't much of a distinction between the win and lose conditions. Also, I'd make guards get "suspicious" if they were to come across a smashed display case or something.

With a bit more work and some more levels, this could be a really entertaining game.

3 3 4

Fun game, thanks! Also, see Traceback described at:

4 3 4

Funny game; I'd like it to be a little harder, by making the patrolling guards to detect the thief from a longer distance.

1 3 4

Too few features in the game. Could have used a wider array of objects to interact with and
better level design. Maybe some scripted events too. Gets the production points for the cool
lamp effect.

1 2 2

This game really didn't atract me, considering the fact you wrote 13 people work on it, it's very very poor

2 2 3

The interface was a bit awkward.

I think a little music would've gone a long way to setting the atmosphere.

Including the at least two of the following: the planning portion, multiple characters + interactions on the job, trainable skills, significantly improved UI, a plot would be required for me to really call this style of game fun.