PyWeek - chrisyan2000 - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 4 3

Ehh, it was alright but pretty simple.

3 4 4

Neat concept.

3 3 3

Nice story and decent implementation. Is a well-rounded game.

4 4 4

nice little game, unfortunately I could not figure out how to finish it.

4 3 4

I can't finish it but it was very fun.

1 3 1

Can't play on level 2. Screen blinking is too painful.

2 3 4

I think I got it? Pretty meta. The games weren't that fun and there wasn't really a pay off. But
the switch up to "crazed" was a great moment.

3 3 3

I enjoyed this game. Nice use of music. No idea about the story line, which seems a bit weird. I
managed to solve the four mini-games but didn't really know what to do after that.

3 5 3

Fever made the nightmarish world.

3 4 3

The game is well done and somewhat interesting. Even though I expected the cute critter would
turn out to be evil, it was a nice twist. The advanced games where quite hard. Congrats on
completing your pyweek.

3 4 4

Very cool: it started off all so nice and happy, like a game I play with my kids (in fact I was
satisfied with the level of difficulty here). I love it then how the music and Tushlet turned
evil so quickly (I never would have guessed Tushlet could be evil, I mean he looks so cute,
c’mon). I could do the equations and resource management on hard mode, but didn’t have a chance
in hell of the other two :).

2 3 1

5 Worlds? Does not help the poor gameplay, art is okay however.

2 3 3

Really disliked the connect paths on hard and how to beat swap cups for hard mode??? Other stuff
was ok though

3 4 4

This was an interesting concept, to get through a set of challenges to help a poor soul, only to
realize he's not a poor soul. I could tell that a lot of time was spent on graphics and
animations, nice job with that. Great game overall!