PyWeek - What is game? - feedback

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5 3 4

I like this game!!!

It is like The Incredible Machine without the silliness. :) The physics are believable. The
music is a nice fit and enjoyable.

It has a couple minor flaws:

- When the objects intersect with a control they interfere with the control. I was able to
work around this.

- When I hit the 3 x platforms + 3 x conveyors + 3 x bouncers level, the game gets stuck. I hit
"test level" four balls came out (I think) and made it to the green box, but the level would
not end.

- The game hiccups. I think it is when the music loads.

If you fix it I will finish the game. :) With some polish this would be a very nice game.

2 2 2

It's a physics puzzler. But I didn't see any interesting elements. This has been done dozens of
times before, except usually it's not just colored rectangles :).

4 3 2

Wonky physics ftw. :)

4 4 4

no hint that it only works out of the box with p3k (it can be fixed to run with py2)

3 3 3

Good physics simulation, has promise with further development to assemble a puzzle game.
Noticed that the wind device unexpectedly affect through walls. Controls are a little
awkward and might have been more intuitive to have vector controls directly on the devices. In
addition, clicking device properties can select object beneath.

5 2 3

Fun, relaxing game - right up my alley. Fancy this up a bit and you've got a nice game going on.

2 2 3

Seemed very cool but had lots of issues with controls … couldn’t figure out how to change
properties of items (like the wind), when buttons clicked of magnitude, the wind just
switches off, device stops working …

1 1 1 yes

Controls didn't work, couldn't rotate objects or change objects. Clicking on anything at the
bottom made the settings go all the way to 0.

2 2 3

I like the idea of this game although I didn't seem to be able to alter the properties of the
objects. This meant I was stuck right at the beginning. Looks like it would have been fun

4 3 3

I had a lot of fun figuring out all the levels, but some of the bugs were frustrating to deal with,
such as how I kept grabbing a piece and a slider at the same time. Also, the collision can be
rather weird at times. Despite this, it turned out fairly well.

2 2 3

Trying to change data when an object is behind the slider selects the object and moves it while
you modify its data, which is a quite annoying bug.

2 3 3

It took me a while for me to figure out how to play the game despite the instructions provided in
the readme file and the display text. The concept is good!