PyWeek - Icarus - feedback

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Potent sound design.

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Interesting idea!

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Collecting feathers is too hard. If I hit a bird to take it's feather, the bird usually hits me when I fly past to get the feather.

There isn't enough upward thrust. When falling, I am seldom able to slow down enough to avoid hitting the ocean. This is especially problematic when trying to collect feathers from a clump of birds.

Birds arrive in large clumps, which makes it almost impossible to collect feathers without losing all of your own, resulting in a crash into the ground.

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I feel like I must have been missing something with the controls to this game. I finished level 1 okay, but I played level 2 a dozen times and always crash-landed halfway through. It didn't seem to matter what I did, and the right-arrow key didn't seem to always move me right. Especially if I flew too high so that it was just me on a cyan background, I had no indicators of which direction I was moving, so it was very hard to figure out how to beat it. But, I peeked ahead at the later levels and it seems you have some interesting variety in them, so I'll give you credit for that.

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the birds are great! the differently colored feathers don't really seem to change the gameplay much, unfortunately. it seems you mostly try to navigate thru the mass of birds without losing too many feathers.

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I liked the feather mechanic, but actually collecting feathers was too unpredictable. The controls also lacked good feedback,

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The levels really could have used some difficulty-sensitive play-testing.

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Awesome menu screens. Found the flying controls a little frustrating but still had some fun with the game. :)

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did not felt like I have a lot of contol over Icarus..

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After a few tries the gameplay reduces to : hold right pressed, and every 3-4 seconds press up.

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Too hard to control (sprite too big).
Hard to step on birds and get their feathers since I'm then at the wrong place.
Multiple levels.
Funny graphics.

2 4 2

I like the concept and the bird art is awesome. The gameplay is pretty easy and not really balanced.

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Don't stop till u reach the top

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Maybe you should paint some bigger waves on the background, so that people know where the "ground" starts. Or give some feedback, i.e. a splash-noise when Icarus dips his feet into the water. Still, it's a very nice game.

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Good idea, but it's not well tuned. It's extremely difficult to collect feathers dropped by birds, because it's almost impossible to swoop down quickly enough to reach them without building up too much downward momentum to avoid hitting the water.

1 2 2

Interesting sprites and animation. The brids are very cute! It does not really work as a game though. I just fly a bit above the water and land on the other side without problems. Looks like there is some game mechanic with the feathers, but it's specifics are not evident.

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Hard and frustrating to control. Could be interesting though :)

2 2 3

Good choice of music, nice graphics. It was hard to control and understand.

3 3 3

good but when I passed the first level it fsaid game over and then you win but anyway it woks fine

1 2 1

Didn't really get the gameplay in this one - seemed to be "avoid the massive ceiling of birds".

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I didn't get what's this about, how to win any level...

1 1 3

The idea is interesting, but the difficult on plaing it, and careless graphics provides the feeling this game still has much more to be fixed and improved - some warmup coding, research, experiment, set objectives on what is wanted on a game to develop, etc., are very important - try to analyse everything seems to be interesting on your development. A challenge: i'm expecting to be surprised from your next game at Pyweek10!