Character art


This will be a game about a systems administrator trying to save his data from terrorists. It's kind of Diehard with servers. The idea is based on an xkcd comic


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Added glasses
HipetyHopit 2015/08/09 18:20
sort of working
HipetyHopit 2015/08/09 14:26
working gameplay with nothing to do yet
HipetyHopit 2015/08/09 10:42
Character art
HipetyHopit 2015/08/09 09:02

Diary Entries

Probably the only day I'll do any serious coding

I've managed to do a surprisingly large amount of stuff. What I have is not yet a challenging game, far from it, but it's already kind of fun. This is mainly due to the kill animation, which I'm quite proud of. Feel free to download the work in progress and just shoot stick-figures for the hell of it while they still can't fight back.

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