PyWeek - Hare Trigger - feedback

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3 3 3

A bit repetitive.

2 4 3


3 3 3

Oops I shot all the good bunnies first try. Serves me right for not reading instructions.

4 3 3

Oh noes! All my bunnies! A pretty straightforward whack-a-mole with a clever and twisted sense of humor and some great writing. Nice. :)

2 3 2

Fairly simplistic game, and doesn't have the variety of gameplay to be engaging.

I'm not a fan of CC-BY-NC-ND as a license for a pyweek game, especially the ND part, and would have preferred something a lot less restrictive.

Unzips into current directory, which is always annoying. Attribution removed from vec2d class, which, while legal, strikes me as impolite. Having to fix case references to deal with sensible filesystems is REALLY annoying.

2 3 3


3 3 3

nice game ;)

3 4 3

nice work! would like to see different sounds, maybe some bosses, too!

4 4 4

Love the graphics.

2 4 2

Nicely produced but I found the game play lacking.

5 5 4


2 3 2

I didn't find this very fun to play, but man, those are some terrifying bunnies.

2 2 2 yes

Most of the graphics for this game seems to be taken randomly on the internet without any
respect for their license. Ex: title screen is from DeviantArt:

3 3 3

heh. Reminds me of xbill. The balance seems a bit crazy, it starts slow, and then suddenly my
screen is full of zombies. TIL that the best thing to do when zombies are about is to take my own
life ASAP

2 2 1

Cool title screen!

2 2 2

Skill doesn't seem to help; after a half-minute or so, you get swarmed and lose.

2 2 2


3 1 2 yes

Marking as disqualified because it uses copyrighted images without attribution. As for the
gameplay, it's a pretty simple but potentially fun idea. I feel like the difficulty was really
low for a while, then it immediately ramps up to impossible.

2 2 2

Killer bunnies!!

2 2 3

Strange difficulty curve.

3 3 3


2 4 3

Not that fun to play, but nice graphics on the most part (exception being the out of place grass)

2 2 2

The gameplay is very simplistic, and goes from watching frolicking blue bunnies with nothing to do to impossible hordes of rabid killers overrunning everything with very little useful gameplay in between.

Next time, try to have something a little more interesting for the player to do.

2 2 1

What would you do if I told you I produced something very similar in 1h fooling around during the contest?

4 4 4

simple and funny

3 3 2

Simple gameplay, but polished. Some of the graphics are confusing, but enjoyable to play for several minutes.