Okay this is no real update. But I just had to show of my fishman. The fish is just so... so < 3


A Platform/RPG game. Prolly gonna be only platform.


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Okay this is no real update. But I just had to show of my fishman. The fish is just so... so < 3
Srejv 2007/04/05 03:55
Omg! With my own graphics now!
Srejv 2007/04/05 02:59
Yes. This is. It. Or something.
Srejv 2007/04/04 23:46
Now with backdrop. I know it looks like shit.
Srejv 2007/04/02 21:53
I got the player in (yes he's ugly) and tileset. Looks like shit. Stuff works now anyway.
Srejv 2007/04/02 13:30
Got a working tilesetengine and it works while scrolling. Though it changes color when scrolling. Pretty weird.
Srejv 2007/04/01 18:22

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Okay I havn't updated at all. First update. My game is gay. Just so you know. It's a platformer, no climbing (maybe if you walk up a flight of stairs or jump or something... but otherwise: no.) I've never done any scrolling background, scrolling tileset or any of that before. Only games I've made consists of: Tic-Tac-Toe(.net), Pong (for both BooGame and pygame) and DxBall(Boogame). So. This will be a first! Never done any animation either, only movement. I hope I learn loads. Not in this to win or anything. I'll make everything myself, but if you want to help out (which I doubt) just ask! :D I'll hang out on the IRC channel, nick: S-Rave. Good luck to all you others!

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I feel like I didn't do anything yesterday. I have put up some goals for today (just simple stuff like getting togehter the classes) and I hope to finish the stuff.

Tomorrow I'm making all the graphics, or most of it I hope.

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