PyWeek - Solo_Solo - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 3

4 3 4

4 3 3 yes

Where's the feather? Disqualified because it doesn't have anything to do with the theme, as far as I can tell.

Too hard to double-jump due to spin. Other than that, quite playable.

3 4 4

Nice game here. double fart

2 2 3 yes

Lots of levels.

Too little control over what's happening.
Can accelerate too fast and just ram against walls over and over again to increase in height.
Kind of boring because of above 2 points.

Should be DQ'd for being unrelated to the theme.

4 4 4

I really don't like bathroom humor, but that's just me. I can still rate the game ignoring my own tastes, and it was pretty good! It took me longer than it should have to figure out that the orientation of the head tells you the direction it moves. I didn't understand why sometimes it would make me jump and sometimes it would just make me roll. Maybe you should have put a little wind coming out the bottom or something.

2 2 2

Some user feedback for the direction you are going to accelerate in might be useful. Also maybe limit the rotational velocity.

4 3 4 yes

Very enjoyable and challenging in a fun way! I dislike the farting aspect, but have to admit it
made for a nice game mechanic! While the artwork is not much to write about, the production is
quite nice overall. Disqualify on principle for using unlicensed music, but still a very nice
game. (I would also possibly disqualify for not having much to do with the theme, but one
disqualify is enough :).)

3 4 3

a farts game ? <roll eyes> . Sorry thats was my first reaction.<br>
glad to see code to combine cocos with box2D<br>
It is hard for the eye to extract orientation info from a round shape with near uniform color (in real time). Maybe a shaded angular sector ?

2 3 3

nice idea ^^

1 1 1 yes

a game i can't resist voting 1.0 in average - seems like unhappy game with cheap and dirty
humour, maybe the very worse game i even see at Pyweek at all - and bad luck on using a weird
library, box2d, which i can't install at all...

4 3 4

Fun little game.

3 3 3

Quite tricky.

5 5 5

Liked the game physics. Found sound effects hilarious.

4 4 2

Excellent sound production! :D Fun game!

4 5 4 yes

Very light on the theme..

3 4 4

Pretty good but gasman was a little hard to control for me, so it was a frustrating after a while. Keep up the good work, though!

4 4 4 yes

After eventually getting Box2D this game was quite fun. Liked the rolling and bouncing
mechanic and the easy earlier levels help get into the game.

3 2 3

interesting take on the feather theme...

4 4 4 yes

What an absolutely lovely game! Sadly the controls were a little iffy - I found I had only some degree of control when I started GasMan rolling. Sometimes he'd roll fast, sometimes slow.

Also, DQ for no feather??