PyWeek - Galactic Lego - feedback

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I'd love to see this idea taken further. Ship building is something I personally love a lot.
Reminds me of the gummi ships from Kingdom Hearts and I've always wanted an entire game build
around that mechanic.

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Awesome idea, I'd love to see it developed more, but as it is, really incomplete and buggy. The
build screen crashed constantly when I would left-click twice on any module from the menu, or
right-click once. It got frustrating to start the spaceship all over again.

2 3 3

I had to find another human to help me judge this one... I know! It's kind of fun but the controls
seem difficult.

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Showed potential, but does feel rather incomplete.

Most of the fun is assembling complex ships, as the limitations reduce the options in combat.

UI for the ship builder was rather clunky.

2 4 4

Interesting but not very fun. And please zip files in a folder next time.

2 3 3

This idea has some promise, although the game doesn't last long right now.

3 2 4

could have included pyglet (so I would not had to copy it) no sound

3 3 4

I would definitely want to play with this more if it was more complete: it's a really
interesting idea.

3 3 4

A fun little toy! I'd love to see a fully fleshed out game use these ideas.

2 3 5

unluckly this game is not finished, i think is an ambitious project that can become a very
interesting game. Probably it requires more captivating graphic and sound and something
else. But at the moment is not so much.

2 2 4

This seems like a great idea, I'm sad that it's so incomplete.

2 2 3

This could really be fun, if the code were cleaned up and a few courtesies extended to the
player, such as a smaller default screen size (not everyone has 1200 pixel wide displays), and
define the gui component locations in terms of the width and height of the screen. I might spend
some time mucking around with it, but it'll take a while. The default ship is also really
touchy, maybe lower the engine thrust.

1 1 2

It's a pity you couldn't finish the game, it was a promising idea.

3 2 3

A pretty cool idea, but kind of poorly executed. It seemed like there was no win condition for
the fights even, which was a bit of a shame. And the shields were pretty buggy too.

2 2 4

This concept has great potential -- I love the idea of building spaceships out of lego blocks!
Unfortunately it's too incomplete and buggy to rate it very highly as it is.