PyWeek - Foreseen Yet Unpredictable Invader - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
5 2 4

It's a great idea, and it's pretty fun to play. It would be a whole lot better with music and sound effects though.

3 4 3

The controls were uncomfortable.

2 4 2

Nice graphics but no sound, no music. For me the gameplay is incomplete and i know that the gameplay can give more than this.

2 3 3

I'm *terrible* at this. The replay system is rather cool

3 4 4

Decent scrolling shooter. The changing bullets and attack patterns from the enemies are quite pretty.

3 3 4

no sound

1 1 1 yes

Blah. A generic OpenGL exception on a texture. I remembered this game discussed in IRC, and I
was really looking forward to playing it!

3 3 3

nice game ;)

1 1 1 yes

i wish it would've worked! the intro got me all pumped up...

4 4 4

I think you really nailed the gameplay. The hundreds of bullets flying everywhere, along with the narrow escapes you're able to make because of the collision detection, make it feel really epic. Some sound would have been nice but given that it's silent it's pretty good. I also gave you an extra Production point for the replay feature. That's kind of cool.

I really like the idea of a mutating enemy strategy. I only wish that it were more evident to the player what was going on as far as the mutation goes. As it is, it just feels like any shooter where the enemy gets harder as you progress. I don't know what I would suggest, maybe a chart showing what the current strategy is, like "Red bullets 25%, blue bullets 50%, white bullets 25%", and then you can see these numbers changing with each mutation. (I have no idea how the genome is represented internally, obviously. My point is that it might be more interesting if some of this was exposed to the player.) But like I said I like the idea!

4 4 4

earth, mostly harmless

4 4 2

Reasonably fun to play very reminiscent of the Japanese bullet style games.

Didn't see the mutation in it much though

1 2 1

Give it a scrolling background!

2 3 3

Too difficult.

3 3 2

A decent bullet hell game! The random combination of increasingly dense patterns works surprisingly well. No sound :(. Replays are a nice touch.

3 4 3

Pretty decent little bullet-hell shooter. Not the kind of game I'm very good at, but entertaining for a few go-arounds.

5 5 4

I've seen the game type before, but this is well-done. I think it needs a bomb of some kind, but it's still good.

4 4 4

I feel that there needs to be more progression with your own ship, it doesn't seem to do much more than shoot.

4 5 4

Fun and really polished. The replay feature was a nice touch. It would be great to see more variety added to the mutation engine (different movement patterns for the alien, Different kinds of attacks (in addition to the different spread patterns)).

3 2 3

I'm really not a big fan of bullet-hell shootemups, but the idea is pretty interesting here. My lack of interest (and skill!) in the genre meant I couldn't play it for very long, but it looked pretty nifty.

4 4 3

The game was a well polished hard to beat shooter, although the hitboxes are tiny.

3 3 3 yes

I just get a segmentation fault.

4 3 4

Pew Pew lasers

2 3 3

good work, but the game is not so funny

3 4 2

Technically clean and well done. Very little variation, gets boring very fast. Moving
enemies or at least a moving boss would have made this a little bit more interesting. Mutate!
theme not really picked up

4 4 3


4 4 4


4 4 4

Nice one.