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5 5 5

Great work! Original gameplay, a good music soundtrack, in formative tutorial and fun!
Excellent work, I will be playing this again. Only got 255kWh.

2 4 3

4 4 4

Both the idea and the production are fairly simple. I mean it's just some circles moving
around. But both the idea and the production are excellently executed. The natural
progression of difficulty is a good basis and the switching between two instances provides an
innovative source of strategy. The graphics are simple, but work well with the music to
provide a distinct atmosphere. I miss sound effects!

1 4 4

I don't get it...

4 4 4

Great work. Simple idea & good graphics. Keep on creating games :)

4 3 4

Very nice puzzle game. Quite addictive.

2 4 3

Gravity effect and dark theme.

4 4 5

It is quite a unique game

3 4 4

Good effort in trying to create an original arcade game mechanic. Generally very polished,
although there were a couple of warts (can't use capital letters in high scores, can't press
enter or space to leave the score screen) that interrupted an otherwise smooth interaction.
The instance-swapping mechanic was neat but I would have liked to see it explored further with
more interaction between the two instances. Mostly the gameplay felt like survival - there's
little feedback when points are being scored, and it didn't feel like there was much I could do
to get particles absorbed other than stay vaguely close to the gravitons.

4 5 4

Very nicely done. I was confused on the first game, because I hadn't understood the menu
options and had dived into "Engage" before reading "Enlighten". Sadly, I lack the reflexes to
progress very far, but I enjoyed the few games I played.

2 3 3

it run

4 4 4

very good game

4 4 4

This one is really a strange one. And the gameplay is great! 1010.6 kWh, btw

5 5 5

This is an excellent game! The presentation is really slick, and the game itself is
innovative, challenging and addictive. Great work Guys!