PyWeek - Rock-Paper-Everything - feedback

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4 5 4

Very classy

4 4 4

I liked the concept of limiting your moves to three publicly visible choices. Innovative and
fun if a little preachy.

4 4 5

Really great job, and great story. I kind of wish there had been a little bit more strategy. For
instance, if you had a limited number of each kind of card so you could plan ahead for what to use
when, rather than just picking the one most likely to win this round.

2 4 2

the story left me a bit bewildered

4 4 3

Nice visual style.

Balance is not the games strong suite, but it is quite amusing.

3 4 2

looks nice!

4 5 2

it was fun, but adding rules (glue, fire..) to a well known game like this is risky. it can't work

4 4 4


3 4 4

Interesting way of introducing some strategy into R-P-S.

3 4 2

Good job

3 4 4

Quite good in 2-player mode too.

2 3 2

I enjoyed the idea of having to make a snap decision about what move to play against the
opponent's hand, but I didn't think the game rewarded me enough for progressing.

2 4 4

nicely produced and interesting idea

3 4 3

not a new game (very old for real) and not so fun, i like the music and the graphic

3 3 4

This game was pretty fun! It would be neat if there was somewhere in game to remind me of the
hierarchy of symbols, but I realised I could just check the readme, so that's cool. Well done

2 3 2

I like the art but the game mechanics are a little bit limited and it affects the end results. Not
very fun :(

3 4 3

It's pretty fun, specially with 2 players

3 5 4

Interesting take on a classic game :)

3 3 4

This was a refreshing take on the age-old rock paper scissors game. I particularly enjoyed the
political humor. Well done.

4 5 4

Cool concept, really liked the graphics.

4 5 5

Well made, innovative, and a fun game. My only qualm was the introductory story, and that's
merely a personal preference.