PyWeek - Forked Tail - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 4

Nice bunch of little mini-games, but seems pretty buggy, I kept getting stuck.

2 4 3

Aspects of the game are quite well done, but too many of the missions require
painful experimentation to work out what the goal is, and this makes it
too often frustrating rather than fun.

3 4 3

Interesting premise. The boss fights were much more in depth than I expected them to be.

When fighting Neptune however, after collecting one piece of snow, I was no longer able to collect any more, making it unbeatable.

1 4 4

frustrating to play a not winnable game!

2 3 4

The concept, story and artwork are all great, but the minigames are confusing and slapdash.

2 2 4

a good innovative idea.. but a little more effort on production would have made a large impact.

3 4 3

Game play is mediocre. The story line and expectation building up is good and unique.

3 4 4

I really like this game. It was obviously a lot of hard work for the programmers and artists to put all this together. However, I found it hard to figure out how some of the games were supposed to work (esp. Jupiter and Neptune) so my FUN rating is just average, sorry.

2 2 4

Either some of the minigames are broken or I just couldn't figure out how they were supposed to work. As a result, I found the game very frustrating.

1 4 4

Looks cool, but I don't get the game part....

1 1 1 yes

I'm trying to follow the instructions, but nothing seems to work. Mouse clicks don't do anything consistently.

3 3 3

I found figuring out what was needed to win somewhat obscure in places.

2 5 4

Great story and art. You don't really give enough instructions to the player, for example I have no idea why I lost against Earth although I had more points than him. Also, why limited lives?

4 4 3

some levels very hard to complete.

2 2 3

I like the minigame concept. The minigames didn't work very well though, so this game became frustrating quickly. For a PyWeek, I might suggest picking one mini-game and tweaking that until it works really well.

2 3 3

Well the game worked, the music wasnt too bad, i liked the backgrounds, and it was certainly an imaginative take on the theme

3 3 3

Nice interpretation of the theme, and I've liked the idea of planet themed minigames.

Unluckily sometimes the game started to miss mouse events, requiring a restart. (I had it happen on both Jupiter and Neptune).
Also, in the Venus stage it is possible to get lost outside the screen: I'm not sure whether this should be considered a feature (additional challenge) or a bug.
Another issue: the 640x480 resolution is missing some text.

1 1 1 yes

Didn't work, by the way:

1. What's up with all the DLL's ?
2. Are the fonts free in the FSF sense of the word?
3. What's up with that dist directory with the tcl/tk ?

5 4 4

Great game with very good idea. Game start slowly with data load

4 4 5

Wow, making a game with eight completely different minigames for pyweek is really ambitious! Way to go! I loved the graphics, the idea, and the writing! Some of the games were kind of fun too. Earth's was my favorite. A few of the games I just couldn't figure out. Especially Saturn, I clicked everywhere and pressed keys but nothing worked. I also have no idea why I wasn't able to complete Jupiter or Neptune. Some more feedback as to what exactly is going on would be helpful.

I think you may have some memory leaks or something, because your game grinds my computer to a halt.

4 4 3

+ great idea
+ hilarious
+ educative
- the snow level cannot be completed

1 1 1