PyWeek - ForkedTail_PW23 - feedback

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3 3 3

Neat! It's an interesting idea and it's challenging. The "accidental
heal-back-to-werewolf" was a bit annoying, but that actually made it more challenging.
There's also something weird about the controls that seem to glitch every once in a while. I
particularly like the hunter's graphics.

1 1 1

It wasn't clear to me how to win at the game. If I shot all humans i would lose, if I changed
werewolves back into humans they would immediately become werewolves again and I would lose
as well. Not sure if I wasn't playing this right.

3 3 3

I had a frustrating tendency to shoot one too many bullets at the werewolves so they'd turn
human then immediately get shot and turn back into werewolves.

2 2 3

no sound? also transforming a human to a werewolf when shot with heal was devastating. Also the
steering seemed to not respond very well. Next time choose please other keys, because z and x
are only next each other on english keyboards!

1 1 1 yes

Failed to run. I couldn't trouble-shoot it.

2 2 4

The idea of choosing between killing humans and healing them is a good one. I think the controls
and shooting lacked responsiveness - eg. "juice". The werewolves mainly stood around - I was
expecting them to attack me?

3 2 3

Quite basic game.

2 2 4

Reminded me of the shooting mini-game in Oregon Trail, but that was probably just because of
your graphics choices.

3 2 3

The game was alright... but the ideal strategy requires you to kill all but two humans, and even
then the behavior of humans is not very predictable.