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Cool idea! Definitely nice for a game done in a few hours. I do find the randomness in this game a
little bit excessive (I feel like I have little control over the situation), but I think this
has the potential to be pretty fun if tweaked a bit more.

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A timer would be useful.

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Could not get Kivy dependency to work

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I felt poweless since I had not much control over the movement (and it killed her twice by
accident, I'm sure)

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The idea is interesting, but the random movement, and high odds of clicking on a unintended
door make for an annoying, rather than enjoyable, experience.

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Ack, sorry, it says the kivy in the Ubuntu repo is too old (1.9.0 vs 1.9.1). If I get a chance I'll
figure out a way to install the newer one and give it a shot.

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well, it is a good game because it use kivy! the game seemed a little easy, when girl in corner,
place a door, then waiting for victory. I do not know much about kivy, I just think why not
transform the game into apk or other install file on mobile phone, it is felt strange when play
on computer with exe file

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Doors are hard to see when open.