PyWeek - Forked Tail - feedback

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2 3 2

The fox sprite was adorable, and put together wonderfully. I loved the look of this game though
the map and the green boxes in the levels weren't as nice as some of the game's standout graphics
(for me those were the fences/gates, all of the sprites, and the end of the levels). I thought
the art for the title screen & credits were also great. The most challenging part of the
gameplay was the music.

2 3 2

Added a point to production for the custom art. As far as the game itself goes, I could see that if
you had more time to flesh it out a bit it you could have put together something a little further

3 3 4


2 3 3

Nice graphics.

The UI could use some work - displaying points and messages somewhere rather than printing it
all out, for instance.

The gameplay suffers a bit from being "dodge the first wave of horses and then clean up".
Detecting missed attacks seems a bit flakely as well.

3 3 3

I'm sure this would qualify as cheating, but if you let all the other animals run by you can beat
the level at your leisure. Great choice on the song, it fit the game really well.

3 3 3

Good idea. I could become very great with more time and effort.

3 4 4

I liked the art and the isometric design. The fox movement was a bit glitchy, and it was hard to
see what was happening because there was no text feedback (scores, etc.). I was also able to
avoid the dogs and hunters by letting them run ahead. I think this would be a very interesting
game if you worked on it more after PyWeek. :)

2 3 2

Quite interesting look to the game but I kept getting 'stuck' too often. Wasn't clear why I was
starting the level again. With more time, this has potential so hopefully authors will do v2!

2 2 4

Wow, Forked Tail. Somehow your collision detection is so bad I can always instantly recognize
your game from how poorly the character moves around obstacles. You should really think about
sitting down to work it out once and for all. Anyway, I thought this was a good interpretation of
the theme but the gameplay was a bit simple. Possibly if I had some control over whether the fox
is stopped by the barricades I would try to avoid them, but it seemed completely random and I
would just poke around until I found a hole. I did have some fun running out of the bottom. No
escape, though. Pretty existential.

3 4 2

Its a little rough on the edges and not very challenging but it has great graphics -I quite liked
the feel of this game.

1 2 2 yes

This is one of those games that has nothing to do with 8-bit except for SOME of the artwork being
in an 8-bit style. Besides that, the controls did not function well, jumping and collision
seemed broken, and it was unclear what the goal was unless you were paying attention to the
console output.

2 2 1

Controls are difficult, fox was constantly getting wedged in the fence.

2 2 2

mp3 audio is a problem in some Linux distros, please consider using ogg! It's a shame the game
it's too buggy and unfinished. Also I'm not sure if I see the theme connection.

4 4 4

Nicely put together, as usual.

The small size of each level makes up for the amount of randomness affecting the outcome and I
found the difficulty level about right.

I wasn't able to convince pygame to play the mp3, so I had to convert it to ogg. In the future, you
may want to avoid litigation-heavy file formats.

3 4 3

Great music! And pretty good artwork too.

2 2 3

Clever idea, even if the execution was a bit lacking.

3 4 3

Pretty fun. I couldn't get jumping to work on OSX. Love the graphics.

2 5 2

The animals and the sounds are really cute and everything seems well done, I just didn't find
the gameplay itself very engaging.