PyWeek - Forked Tail - feedback

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3 4 3

2 2 4

The gameplay is a really cool idea, and very challenging to control both the character and the
ship, which is a good thing. But it isn't clear what you're supposed to recycle in which bin, or
how the aliens actually affect you. Even when I seemed to be doing well, the game would
sometimes crash in the middle ('list index out of range' error). It may have to do with my system
only, so I listed this entry as 'playable', but a list index problem seems like an issue with the
Python code itself, and I'm running Python 2.7 as specified in the readme file, so I'm really
not sure.

3 3 3

Nicely put together. Defeats my brain though :)

4 4 4

It just too hard. Music? Music would help a lot.

3 4 4

Cool idea and well made but its HARD to play and a bit buggy (it crashed before I could finish).
Regardless its quite an acheievement, good work

1 4 5

This is a game for two player? I find it impossible to play solo.

2 2 4

Cool idea. I found the controls really unresponsive and frustrating. It's pretty unclear
what's going on. I kept putting items into bins that seemed like they should have matched, but
my percentages didn't go up. For production I would have given you a 4/5 but you reused so much of
your previous code that wasn't publicly available I had to knock it down to 2/5. Sorry, but I
can't in good conscience rate you the same way I do teams who follow the rules. If you have some
useful code that you'd like to reuse, please release it as a library for all of us!

3 3 4

Nice idea, but controlling both the ship and the astronaut was a bit much for me.

1 2 4

While the dual control idea is interesting, it mainly makes for very frustrating gameplay.

The game is also rather buggy - I got a number of IndexError crashes, which didn't help.

4 3 4

Wow, this is hard to play. Also, a bit crashy

2 2 4

I liked the idea but the control scheme was really awkward, and sometimes I got lost in space as
soon as the game started. It's annoying to have to go through the intro screen each time it

2 4 3

Good job with the art, it is very interesting and the intro to the game is good. I found the game
very difficult and not so fun to be honest. I think there is a 'bug' where Selene is often
initialized in a position off the screen, which was a bit confusing the first few times it
happened. But all in all a good effort!

2 2 3

The controls are too complicated for me, my brain can't control two things at the same time.
Despite that looks like an interesting idea :) The graphics are great, but I miss sound and it
eventually crashes :( ... ".../PW17/code/", line 345, in customUpdate and not
self.garbage[i].immune \ IndexError: list index out of range

4 3 4 yes

Much like other Forked Tail productions, the design is whimsical, the drawings are great, and
the coding is terrible. This time it doesn't hurt the overall experience too badly though.
Switching screens is glitchy, and the game crashes occasionally, but the core gameplay is
still enjoyable. I really like the design where accelerating the ship in one direction
effectively accelerates everything inside in the other direction. I managed to lose Doc
Selene, turn around and pick her up. How cool is that?! The whole design of going back and forth
while collecting and sorting stuff is nice for a cool little "time waster". I vote to
disqualify, because you're reusing game code from the previous competition. Apparently
you've been doing this at least for the past few entries. This is a blatant disregard for the
rules, and anyway the code is garbage.

3 1 3

Buggy. You lose the game if you read the final screen too slowly. I also got a list index OOB crash
and some "Boing!" induced stuttering.

2 2 2 yes

Reuses a load of code from your previous Pyweek entry.

2 3 3

"A nice game, very complete. I really liked the opening graphics and the back-story. This was a
nice way to start the game and give it some atmosphere and character. I also liked the idea of
controlling two different sides of the screen. However, in practice the controls felt a bit
too vague so I didn't really feel like I was able to control either character very well.
Positives - Opening graphics and story - Overall feel and theme to the game - Retro feel to the
main graphics - Good variety to the objects appearing Negatives - Vague controls - No real
sense of the boundary to keep Selene in. It feels a bit arbitrary that she floats off into