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no sound

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It was difficult to give you a production score because it is obvious you spent a lot of time on
the game artwork. It is quite good, but the lack of sound and music really takes something away
from the game. Also, using pygame on scrolling games requires a lot of planning and tweaking to
get it right. On my system (i7 3.2ghz, mac) I was only getting 17 fps. It is possible to make good
scrolling games, (i have experience with it), but there are some tradeoffs you have to make to
do it well. Better luck next time! The game seemed interesting. It is a shame that I couldn't
play it.

2 3 3

Great art once again made into a terrible game by the lack of a competent programmer. I wish Il
Seppia could work on sound effects instead! It runs at 10fps. Starcraft 2 runs fine. Other
PyWeek entries run fine. And with all the excellent sprites the game still manages to not look
very good. You cannot entirely separate art from design. Please work together and think about
how the whole game will look before starting to make the sprites. They are great on their own,
but do not fit well with the background when they are put in the game. The game itself builds on an
interesting premise (colored tiles, colored bullets). But it is easily beaten by constantly
firing in all three colors.

1 4 1

Looks nice, nice comics! I don't understand whats happening on the screen

2 4 3

Really like the artwork, but I found the gameplay to be all but incomprehensible. It doesn't
help that you can beat the game by just hitting the three fire keys over and over again.

2 3 4

The idea's not bad, but the game mechanics feel rather clunky, and it's too easy to spam lots of
different coloured bullets everywhere. And we could have done without the butt shot.

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Great art!

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I was getting 11 fps making the game less fun than i think it might be for other players.
conceptually though i really liked the idea of how and when you can shot your gun.

2 4 3

The main gameplay element - realtime color mixing - is just too complicated. Combine that with
a choppy FPS and it wasn't really enjoyable. It wasn't obvious what to shoot and what to avoid,
and it wasn't clear when the player got hit or when the player hit the enemy. The cutscenes were
fun to watch, and the art looked good.

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3 4 4

it run

3 2 3

This has the potential to be a fun game, but too much gets in the way. The two biggest offenders
are the very long wait before a level starts while the game counts down and the player sprite not
tracking the actual location of the player very well.

3 3 4

Really nice art, but game has big problems with performance.

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I didn't think the colour thing was that accessible - I ended up mashing the keys to ensure
bullets of some colour would hit. I really object to the sexual objectification of the female
lead, starting with the picture of her bum in the intro sequence. It felt gratuitous and
exploitative, and definitely not cool.

2 2 3

It is a pity you could finish completely the game. I like the graphics. Unfortunately it runs
very slow in my PC (under 10 fps). Wish u had more time to polish it. good work anyway :)

1 1 1 yes

Doesn't even begin to work with python3.* When I manually removed all the prints I still got
this message: File "", line 1, in import gamelib.main File
"C:\Users\ikanreed\pyweek\14-Downloads\The_Cicada_Of_Antarctica\gamelib\", line 5, in import myDataloader, myResolution, myFrames, myLevels, myObjects
ImportError: No module named myDataloader