PyWeek - RicBin - feedback

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1 1 2

Not really much of a game

1 1 1 yes

Python2 only

3 4 4

very nice effect and great idea. As I understood it it made really fun ;-)

3 3 4

no sound, nice effect (reminded me of where some
levels are similar to your concept) It was pretty easy, could have been a bit more trickier by
having directed shots and not just shooting in all directions (which makes the walls too

3 3 3

I wish we could give extra points to those who made an attempt to follow the theme. I enjoyed
playing your game and complement you on accomplishing so much with such a small file size, the
smallest in the contest.

2 2 3

The effect of sending out a "ping" to find walls in the dark was great. Overall the game was very

3 3 3

Thoughtful game! I liked the sonic-like way of exploring the dark especially. Would be better
if there could be more working done in animations and stuffs. More levels plz!

3 4 4

I thought the balls bouncing off walls mechanics was really neat! This game managed to engage
my brain whilst being quite minimalistic. Nice work

4 2 3

I really enjoyed this and the way you used the two worlds theme. It's a shame you couldn't spend
more time on it to polish it. Also, it's a shame you don't use Python 3... ;-)

3 3 4

Simple & fun.

2 3 3

A little bit short and not too much of a challenge: I mean you could just crash around in the dark
to find your way without using your shots: would have been good to add something in so you
couldn’t just do this (like obstacles that kill you and flash red when your shots hit them, to
let you know where they are). Nice that you were able to add a menu system though. A bit of sound
and music would have helped a lot too.

3 2 2

I like this game. It is nice but really short.

3 3 5

Clever premise, the use of the balls is really nice

3 2 3

I finished most of the levels without using my pulse ability. Kind of an interesting concept,
needs a lot of polish. But a good first game, keep it up

4 2 4

cool idea with the bonding balls

1 1 1 yes

Please update your code to python 3.x.