PyWeek - Fingers Crossed for Time and Inspiration - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 3

I really liked some of graphics (potted plants looked a little odd but the computers and
vending machine was killer. Type was kind of difficult to read at the bottom of the screen as

2 3 3

not bad. there is a storyline that makes the game more fun

4 4 3

Great game!

3 2 3

no sound

3 2 2

I'll admit to having to read the source to figure out the game.

4 4 3

Nice job, I got stuck a few times.

3 3 3

OK little quest'ish game. The storyline is a bit weak, and the connection to the theme a bit
tenous, but it's an enjoyable diversion.

It's a little too easy to accidently skip past bits of the text, and the game was fairly easy to
crash by doing things in a somewhat unexpected order, which hurts the scores a bit.

4 3 3

This is quite a fun game (despite the genre-appropriate difficulty. :) ). I found the very slow
walking speed a bit annoying, and when you pick up and drop objects the messages are sometimes
visible so briefly that it's hard to tell what the objects are.

4 3 3

Good to see another RPG entry. Action element worked quite well. Would like if the character
would walk a bit faster tho! :) Fun one.

4 4 4

Nice game with a lot of things to do, too much short but enjoyable, nice work!

3 2 4

An ambitious game, somewhat let down by the implementation.

The game's interface is a bit clumsy, and I often found myself confused about how to proceed,
even at the main menu. The inventory system was particularly opaque and I had to resort to
dropping and picking up every item in order to see what was in a particular slot.

This could be a very interesting game with just a little more work.

3 3 2

Sadly, game crashed after a while, but it was fun otherwise.

3 3 1

I got to the part where I had to snip the network wires, I did so, but then when I tried to use a
computer it crashed. The sprites are good, the game plays OK, should walk a bit faster IMHO.
Would have liked some sounds or music, also the levels seem to be a little too large to match the
scale you were going for.

3 4 4

Great game, unfortunately I didn't get quite far.

3 2 2

Would have been even better with sound! Cute little game, but I'm not sure how it fit the theme.

3 3 3

"You just came through there", Why? That was unnecessary :) The player movement it's a little
bit too slow, I miss some sound (effects and music; I can't give you more production points,
although the menu and being able to save the game it's cool!), and the graphics are too small to
actually see what's in the inventory (the inventory management could be improved too).
Despite those issues, it is a cool game! Well done!

2 3 3

You died, try again... and again, and again. The bane of oh-so-many adventure games -
reflex/skill based elements.

3 3 4

Nice game.

3 3 3

Nice game. Thanks to fire extinguisher.

2 3 3

I really wanted to like it. But it was impossible to tell what the game wanted you to do as far as
"something heavy" went. If the movement speed were higher I could've justified a bit more
poking around for clues, but it was just too long a wait to wander from one spot in the room to the

3 2 2

That wasn't bad. I had fun playing it. I thought the robots were a little hard to beat at first,
especially the part where I had to run from getting the money to the soda machine. Had to play
that a few times. And it took me awhile to figure out how to get the fire extinguisher and that it
was the "heavy object" everything seemed to require. There were also some grammatical errors
in the writing. Also I wish the text when you did something stayed on the screen even after you
let go of the j key.