PyWeek - Fierce Vowels - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
5 3 3 yes

I've seen both these concepts before (sokoban + winterbottom)... but not put together. This is probably the best game I've seen so far in the entries.

Opting to disqualify since the game did not fit the theme.

3 4 3

a very interesting game.

2 3 3 yes

The concept is interesting and I like the game, but I think it could've been better executed. The graphics are fine (the main menu is great) but they don't fit well; the main character graphic has a white border around it. The levels are nice, but they don't seem to use the time travel concept much (especially in levels 3 and 4, that look big and complex but they're just a maze). I don't see the connection to the theme besides what the professor says (it could've been anything in place of "wibbly wobbly"), so I have to DQ you, sorry.

3 3 4

Can't quite figure out the time travel rules. I seem to be losing sometimes even though I haven't met myself.

4 4 4

nearly missed theme ;)

4 3 4

Hurray i made it through all levels. I was a little bit distracted by the large level 3? (background is map2), but as i figured out, that i was only poleaxed by the complex look, the solution was really simple. The idea to play with time is nicely implemented and i had a lot of fun to solve your puzzles. Is there a map editor to create custom maps ? :)

Also your game mades a polished impression to my, maybe a few more sound effects or background music would be great. But that's just small criticism.

Great game!

2 4 4

hmm.. somehow the first level didn't quite work for me :(
the profs wouldn't collide yet the game would say time continuoum failed or something.. would have loved to play if done right.

3 3 3

Potentially neat puzzle concept; however, I think I basically managed to skip some of the puzzles; in levels 3 and 4 I more or less walked through the level without bothering to interact with time warps. Making sure nothing changes for your past self could be a good constraint, but I worry that it limits the scope of puzzle design, unless you design puzzles such that they also require putting things back in such a way that your past self can interact with them in the same way - that would have been neat. It wasn't clear straight away when I first played what it was that had caused the continuum to become broken, which was confusing. Also I think I encountered a crash bug caused by allowing time to rewind all of the way to the start of the level before trying to do anything (this was on level 1).

3 4 5

Neat! The mechanic was really cool, but the only level that really made me think was level 6. The controls were way too slow! I would have given you 5/5 for Fun if it had gone about 3 times as fast. Harsh, but it was really frustrating to play at times. Especially since if I got the timing a little bit off I had to start all over.

3 2 4

Excellent! Time-travel! I was hoping someone would take to that.

3 3 4 yes

I couldn't see any tie-in to the wibbly-wobbly theme.

4 3 5

This is great and still feels original after all the time-traveling games I've played! Of course the visuals could be much better (the main menu is nice though), but what hurts more is that the levels are not very well thought out. Levels 1 and 2 are fine introductory levels, but 3 and 4 are frighteningly large yet contain no real puzzles. Level 5 then is a step back with its lack of time travel. The last level however saves it all, with a very good puzzle that shows there's even more in this gameplay mechanic than I had thought. Please make better levels, polish the visuals and sell it for $10!

3 1 4

Interesting twist to the sokoban idea.

I don't like how the game uses doctor who. Seems to me like you are just using the name of a popular franchise in order to profit from its popularity.

Also, all the graphics are very sloppy.

2 4 3

had some bugs with the time-travel stuff and instructions would be really helpful. other than that, great!

3 4 3

I don't like this game style. Maybe someone will love your game die.

3 2 3

This is seriously lacking in animations. The game idea is fun, but some levels could have used more design. And I'm a bit annoyed at the constant crashes.

File "***/PyWeek-10-finals/FierceVowels/prof-when/pyglet/media/drivers/alsa/", line 155, in write
raise ALSAException(asound.snd_strerror(samples_out)) File descriptor in bad state

3 3 4

Great concept, nice game!

4 4 4

A new take on an old game! When I have time I plan to come back and finish the first puzzle because I
was stuck. Price of Persia of puzzle games .

4 4 4

Nice work.

3 3 4

Can't do level 1, but can do the others.

Really like the time-travel aspect.

3 3 3

I liked the time-continuum crash game over.

2 3 2

nice idea but boring and overused game mechanics

3 3 4

Really nice idea and good work - sadly in level three the framerate dropped extremely ;(