PyWeek - Fast Food - feedback

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5 4 4

At first the game felt simple, but as I played I was surprisingly engaged into this game.
There's something about doing the sequence of ingredients as quickly as possible that was
very fun. At some point you start playing without looking at the ingredients because you've
memorized the positions of the buttons. This was one of the games that I had most fun, thank you!

3 3 3

You have to be very fast to clear the levels. Maybe too fast.

Also, fries and soda are much faster to produce than burgers. This is very unbalanced. If you
get many orders for fries or soda you can satisfy more customers than if you only get requests
for burgers.

Maybe this could be migitated if fries and soda do not count towards the meals served, but
instead give a time bonus if they are served correctly.

Salad and cucumber was very hard to discern in the beginning. Maybe the contrast between those
two could be increased.

1 1 1 yes

pygame.font.SysFont shells out to a command that never terminates on my system.

3 3 3

Makes hungry

3 3 4

Fun concept. The UI is a bit difficult to use as all the button groups are far from each other, but
I'm getting picky!

3 3 2

That is a tasty burger.

3 3 3

Add a manager to yell at you when you fail and I guess it is just like real life!

4 4 4

Simple, casual concept but it was really fun. Easy to pick up and kind of addictive for a short
amount of time. I felt really hungry after playing this too, so you should speak to McDonalds,
because I think they will pay you alot of money to develop this into an app that advertises their
restaurants :)

4 4 3

Nice game. Impressive for a week's work! I like the food graphics and the animation. I was not
nearly fast enough to make any of the meals!

4 3 5

Great job! I thought the idea was good. I have just a couple comments, I hope you can improve in
the future. The game is a lot of clicking, so the "Press Enter to Start" would be better as a
button. You could make a good tablet or phone game. It is very difficult! More time would be
nice, and the timer should be much bigger, so you can quickly see how much time is left.
Sometimes, I make burgers, but the game won't let me choose it, even if it matches. With some
more animation, a little bit easier at first, I think this would make a perfect game for
smartphones. Nice work!

1 2 2

This game is dull and repetitive, and the idea isn't all that interesting to begin with. I also
found it confusing that there was only one bun button that looked like the top bun, and honestly
don't get why buns are inserted manually to begin with. It took me a few minutes to figure out
that you had to start burgers with that bun button.

3 3 2

Congratulations on finishing!

3 3 4

Really cool game really interesting topic not sure where the theme is but cool game.

4 4 2 yes

I'm not sure I have much to say in regards to this project. Um...

Well, I'll admit that the gameplay was addictive, fast and fun, although a bit cliche and
repetitive (that's not necessarily a bad thing either, I'm just saying it because it needs to
be said). Also, the the GUI and inclusion of a menu-screen were really nice touches.

The game controls well - the controls didn't get in the way of the gameplay, which is an
important but frequently overlooked aspect of games when viewed from the prospective of the
player. I had to play through several times before beginning to pick up on how to use the
controls to my advantage for quickly filling out orders, which made the game challenging in a
good way! I felt like I made progress, which felt good.

The design of the game is minimal, with the sounds simple but clear on their meaning, plus the
interface and the graphical representations of food/drinks were simple but also portrayed
everything the player needed to know and nothing more - no distractions. There's nothing
wrong with that; it's plain and simple, and that's fine.

I only have two nitpicks with this entry:

The first is the odd selection of burgers - it could have been interesting to have received
realistic orders, like maybe someone wanted a #4 without tomatoes and extra pickles, in which
case the player would have to work out what that means and then fulfill that order. There's
nothing really innately wrong with randomly generated burgers, but really - a burger made of
three slices of cheese between two buns?! That's just silly haha. For this reason, I gave this
entry the Picky-Eater award.

The second thing - and this is the important bit - is the lack of the theme! I guess it's implied
that your an employee whose stuck behind a fryer the whole time while filling out the orders,
but this is never made clear. In fact, no physical space AT ALL is made clear - you're only
presented with a GUI for doing the puzzles. I feel really bad having to do this because this
entry is descent, but I have to check "Disqualify Entry" for this game. Sorry :(

3 4 2

I dug the game over noise a whole bunch. Graphics are a little rough, you made it work though.

4 3 3

Pretty cute game! The loading screen is adorable. The gameplay is similar to some flash games I
remember loving in the past. I am terrible at assembling burgers, apparently!