PyWeek - El Ganador - feedback

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cool game, some instructions about the steering would have been nice

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I could not run the game on Windows 10 from the exe.

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Was too hard for me, I failed :-( But perspective graphics impressed me a lot. Really good as
demonstration for kivy.

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I don't know why but my computer just went not responding when I try to press on it. It happened
with two other games as well. I have no idea how this happened.

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There were some shader compilation errors on my driver that I had to fix before playing, and I
could hear no sound. Graphics and physics are very impressive, but the gameplay is a little
frustrating - control scheme and camera positioning was annoying, and it lacked things like
visible impact damage or a readout of my own health to allow me to understand how to engage

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Too slow restarts. Game should have quicksave/quickload to be fun.

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I got an error on main.pyw:9: "from kivy.lang.builder import Builder" => "ImportError: No
module named builder". Sorry, I do have kivy 1.9.0 installed but I'm not very familiar with it.
I'm on Ubuntu so I couldn't try the exe, unfortunately.

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I'm on Ubuntu and I couldn't get it to run (from source). Got this message: Traceback (most
recent call last): File "main.pyw", line 9, in from kivy.lang.builder import Builder
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'kivy.lang.builder'; 'kivy.lang' is not a package
Other Kivy based games have worked fine for me.

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The size of the character makes it impossible to see what you're doing.

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Dude's face was pretty creepy, combat was kind of fun, but made difficult because I had to click
to turn. I had trouble getting kivy running on my system, so I played the windows binary: it was
pretty buggy, would crash often at the end of a level.

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It's super hard because of the aiming system. I like the Matrix looking world.

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The pictures were nice

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The game seems nice, and the use of 3d is also creative, but I cant really get the hand of it.