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Very difficult, indeed.

2 3 5

I mostly found this game frustrating, but I think you had a really interesting idea that made good use of the theme (unlike a lot of other entries!).

With some work, this could be really good.

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no comment

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The main problem being that I can't seem to affect the steam in any meaningful way. :(
- Factory

2 2 3

I tried, but I just don't get it. Need a help page :).

2 3 5

Well well.. The idea was fantastic, and the production was all right too.. but it wasn't implemented fun enough. The game is hard to control, the center point always changes when the train emits a new bundle of steam (which is quite often), and a big on-screen shape-guide could have been done..

If you fix these issues, it could turn out to be a great game! Keep working!

1 1 3

The game was way too hard to be very entertaining, and the controls weren't very intuitive, but
it's ok on the innovation side. A different type of control scheme would probably enhance the
game greatly.

2 3 2

I couldn't get the steam to shape right.

3 3 3

game looks ok but a little odd

2 2 4

Interesting game idea, but it's really hard to play! I can shape the steam but I can't see how to make it fit the shape. Any chance of including a demo in a later version?

1 3 4

The idea is nice, but it feels impossible to actually form the shapes. Maybe I just suck, though.

3 3 5

Very interesting idea. I was unable to play it though. I think controlling the smoke is very difficult and the train always smokes at the wrong place :)

2 2 4

I thought this was a good idea but the controls and game-play were to confusing and difficult to enjoy the game properly.

2 2 3

I somehow didn't like this game too much...

1 2 2

Although this game sounds like a good idea I don't see any steam and can't get any of the keys to do anything (except q for quit!).

2 3 5

Interesting, but very difficult.

2 2 4

What you are trying to do seems like it could be very fun, but it's basically impossible to play right now. ._.

1 2 3

I thought the mouse input was a neat idea (where not just the present location but the history of the mouse's movement determined the wind velocity). Blowing the steam around was a little frustrating, though, and the MS Paint train was a little out of place on the photographic background.

2 2 4

Nice idea, but too difficult and a bit pointless.

3 3 5

Well it was definately interesting. I think this would have gotten a better score if there was more control, A computer based score checker, the steam wasn't always wobbling so much.

I think it was fun I just didn't get into it.

2 3 4

I found it quite hard to control the steam.It also took a long time for the steam to even appear, and then it came in large chunks.

2 2 4

very different concept, although i found the gameplay difficult

2 2 2


2 3 3

nice idea. great stem effect on the intro. very hard to play, steam comming out in the other corner of the screen breaks everything.

2 2 4

The idea sounds pretty interesting, but is very clunky in practice. It's almost impossible to
shape anything from the steam. Perhaps if there was some kind of more intuitive way of pushing
the steam around it could work. Like something emulating a painting tool. I guess it's kind of
fun to blow the steam around though, but it gets frustrating if you actually want to make a

4 2 4

Personally, I think working with the secondary mode you suggested (kai power goo style) would create a better game. Also, it is annoying waiting for enough steam to show up. Having all the needed steam onscreen at level start could improve the game.

Finally, the mixed visual style doesn't look all that good. Pick a theme and stick with it. Currently, the game has a "we grabbed whatever art we could find without regard to how it looks together, suplimenting it with pictures created in paint when neccesary" look to it.

2 3 4

Little time for the actual game when it gets going, but I loved the smoke on the titlescreen.

2 2 4

Very neat idea but very hard to play. It took me a while to figure it out and then it was still very hard.