PyWeek - Artisan Ship Chia - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
3 3 3

Nice concept. A little too easy.

2 2 2

lack of ai player. a car does not keep spinning while a key is pressed. too linear scenario, make
more levels :)

2 2 3

Not a game that caught my interest.

3 4 3


2 3 3

Nice sound effects! The game was fun to play for a bit. It would have been nice if the cars moved
smoothly (i.e. without having to continually press the buttons).

1 2 3


5 2 4

Great game, had fun playing with friends and "reaching" the decision that I shall win :)

2 3 3

Simple, but effective.

A two-player game is always a bit tricky for pyweek, since it's hard to find a second player
while judging.

4 2 2

This game was a lot of fun, I really dug the sound effects.

4 2 3

I loved the sound effects. The controls need some love however. I am not sure if it was just my
machine, but you had to repeatedly press the turn buttons instead of holding them. It was
pretty funny when the cars crashed together on top of a bit, there's a small bug where the bit
triggers several times during the explosion animations, so you get a bonus fun score.

3 3 2

Cute game! The sound effects were nice, too.

2 3 2

This is quite simple game but with some more effort would be very fun to play versus a friend.
Please reduce screen size or use fullscreen!

3 3 3

Pretty good! Nice concept.

2 3 4

The gameplay is quite original but the art and the concept are definetively not so fun and well
done. sorry :(

2 3 3

With two people it usually ends by crashing into each other. It's too balanced and there's no
way to stop the other person changing the bits so it just keeps going on until you crash. I mean,
you can agree to change the bits all one color but there's no challenge to that.

2 2 2

It was multiplayer. It has that.