PyWeek - Dreaded Boomerang - feedback

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2 3 2

Incomplete side-scroller. Decent graphics. Needed more game.

2 1 3

To short to really get the feel for it.

3 3 3

this game needs some work

1 2 2

I would like to have some water background noises...

1 2 1

could not finish first level, there where only 2 tines

2 4 2

Cute graphics and I like the menu item springyness.

3 3 3

Such a nice start. Would be really cool to see the game fleshed out and finished.

3 2 3

Unfinished but promising. I guess just 1 level and an outro screen would have been nicer instead of getting stuck in level 2 (and no outro), but time wasn't on your side I guess.

3 4 3

Good smooth movement control for the game. Enjoyed playing, but could not find one trident.
The game does not have an End. Sprite collision is not properly handled for finishing of the
game. You can also add background music to the game. Nevertheless, a good one.

2 3 2

SVG -- nice. It is nice from technical perspective, but it is not as pleasing for the eyes as raster could be...

It is hard to understand when you lose the game.

It is also needs better collision handling -- no main char feels a little bit "stucky"

1 1 1 yes

Is there something wrong with your zip file? gunzip doesn't work for me.

1 1 1 yes

Could not extract the tar.gz file!!!

1 2 1

+ cute
- unfinished

3 3 3 yes

$ tar xzvf dreadBoom.tar.gz gzip: stdin: not in gzip format tar: Child returned status 1 tar:
Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

2 2 2

Too incomplete to be much fun to play.

2 4 3

I like the game style, good work!

1 1 1

Not enough to critique, really. The menu selection effect is a cute touch. I liked the crab. Might want to consider distributing the cocos library directory with your games. It's not very big, and there are benefits: would free folks from figuring out how to install cocos2d; would protect your game from older or "off color" versions already installed on the system. Hope you find my comments helpful.

1 1 1

2 2 2

Could be a nice game with some work.