PyWeek - 24-7 Donkeys - feedback

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5 5 5

<p>Who knew a game about being bored to death could be so much fun? I like the names of the game stages and the "themes" variables that show up in the source code; nice hidden touch. There's a surprising richness of mechanics for such a simple game, too.

<p>I was going to give a 4/5 on production, but I changed it to 5/5, because it takes courage to add an effect that might get you marked down. That little bit of The Matrix that flashes on the screen near the end might seem like a bug to some players.

2 3 4

Interesting, but has nothing to make me play it again.

3 3 4

when "things got weird" i wasn't sure if i was seeing a bug (very fast scrolling text blipping across background). also not sure if there is an ending to the game (i'm guessing there isn't).

4 4 4

What a crazy game. Strangely, I enjoyed it very much, even being so confusing. :) I wish it had an ending though (is there? I waited for a while, but nothing happened). Anyway, interesting game.

2 3 2

the goal is quite unclear. I'm confused ...

1 4 3

Kudos for the dinamic environment.<br>
If I may tell, playing the game irritates me: the player has too weak control, and or the things feels unrresponsive.

1 1 1 yes

coudln't get to open

2 3 3

Fun to fiddle with for a while. Starting the lawnmover was too hard. Couldn't figure out how to cook steak to less than blackened. Became dispirited when the lawn was covered with dog crap I couldn't do anything about, and gave up.

1 3 3

Is a a green background instead of sky, and clouds stoped moving, and pieces of code every click the end of the game? did i win?
it very unclear what am i suposed to do, and if i did it... :)

3 2 3

Nice, wierd.. but nice!

1 1 3

That was interesting! Well done! A few days after judging this game is still in my mind.

1 3 4

It seems well built, but it aint fun.

2 2 4

no goal? just a nice simulation. the controls are a bit wired since I couldn't do much (except move the trashcan and the mover, put the steak on fire). Looked a bit unfinished.

2 3 5

An interesting take on the topic, very art game. I think the game parts could have been better woven with the narrative, I didn't quite get what the barbeque and trash can was about. Maybe also show the neighbours you're thinking about? Maybe if you chose a different art style, like a collage kind of thing you could blur your neighbours when you're not thinking about them and deblur them when they're in focus.

I think the narrative would be the strongest part of this so it would have been better if you focused on how you presented it a bit more. While I'm interacting with objects sometimes I click past a thought bubble before I even read it.

2 3 2

Was confuzzling.

2 2 3

Nice game, but I still wondering what's the story.

4 4 4

I don't know what just happened, but I liked it. =)

2 2 2

I wasn't sure what the objective was here.

2 3 3

<p>Nice music, and I like the sky effects, but the rest of the graphics are rather ordinary.</p>
<p>There doesn't seem to be a goal to aim for.</p>
<p>I found it impossible to move the mouse fast enough to start the mower with a single stroke. I could only do it by moving the mouse quickly in a large circular motion several times.</p>

1 3 3

Really not a fun game. I couldn't really figure out why to do anything.

3 3 4

haha, great!

1 2 2

The dialog boxes would fade over each other making the text impossible to read. I didn't understand the point =/

1 4 1

Right pain to get running. Good looking and well polished, but didn't enjoy it in the slightest - couldn't even get the lawnmower to start. And no matter how much I clicked on the dog it always pooped.

2 3 4

Why these code-snippet-flash ins? I first thought the game was broken... ^^

3 3 4

Strange game... but I liked the messages. ;)

2 3 3

I didn't get what the game was about :(

4 4 4

This is great. Bit buggy with the UI though.

3 4 5

It makes me want a steak.