PyWeek - Evil Dr Logicow - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
2 3 2

Lovely character graphics, but the combat was just a chore, mainly because there were no
attack animations or damage effects to make it seem vicious and gripping.

2 4 2

3 4 1

I love the main dino drawings and the backgrounds! The rest of the sprites are not that good but
not too bad either. I assume everything that shows up as magenta is supposed to be transparent,
right? This made it kind of hard for me to play the game — I did not get to the end, but visited each
location and fought some. It seems very cliche with too many random encounters.

5 5 4

Fun and well polished - this game gets a top score from me. I like the way you scaled potion and
upgrade price to keep the game balanced.

4 3 3

I really enjoyed this game, but i did have a problem with some pink borders oftentimes around
the dino's. (some kind of transparency issue?) but the music was great and i enjoyed defeating
it. (using Snow Lepoard)

4 5 3

Cute, enjoyable and quite engaging. (The 6000 line file was scary, though).

4 5 3

I thought the production was amazing. I was particularly impressed with the feel of the
overworld map. Good music and atmosphere. I was a little bit disappointed that there were no
animations for the battles when everything else was as good as it is. I liked the ability to swap
out your characters. I didn't like the fact that you lost a turn if you had insufficent MP for an
attack or if you used your special for the second time in an area. Those things should have been
greyed out if you weren't able to use them.

4 4 2

This is amazing.

2 3 2

Creatures with beady-eyes.

3 4 3

nice game

3 4 2

Nice graphics and cute animals! The game in itself isn't that fun, though.

3 5 2

I quite enjoyed this one. Let's see what I can say about it. Innovation: So, I wouldn't have
called this game innovative. I've played a lot of games using this format in the past. A lot of
games. Nowadays, I've gotten a little tired of the genre, so I'm always looking for new things
in the game that'll make it more interesting. In this case, there wasn't a lot of new ideas to
grab me. The format is an excellent vehicle to deliver a story though, and it did that
admirably. There were a couple of neat ideas used here and there (I like the idea of giving
different party members different roles for example. We've seen it come up a lot in recent
gaming, with a little work and focus, it can be developed into a significant aspect of the game
mechanics.) I also liked the different abilities that the dinosaurs had. Overall, I'd give a 2
for innovation. Fun: Fun in the final fantasy clone comes from two sources for me. The first is
story, and the second is execution. The story here was a fairly straightforward "let's go find
and defeat the badguy". There was a passing nod to mad science, and little else in terms of plot.
I enjoyed some of the dialogue though. There was some good humour and comedy scattered around,
and if you had another day to make it better, I'd spend all of it writing conversations - that'd
really improve the quality of the game I think. The battle mechanics were a little tired I'm
afraid. (Having said that, ours were pretty similar!) - but I didn't find anything to hold my
attention, and spent most fights just hammering Z so I could get on to the next bit of the game.
Some aspects of the production really helped make the game enjoyable to play, and the game was
about the right length for the depth of gameplay offered. With more story focus, and some
interesting battle mechanics, this could be the basis for a very strong game. First place I'd
start is to allow you to swap dinosaurs during a fight. Overall I'd give Fun a 3. Production:
Quality was pretty high for this one, especially for a solo game. Graphics were strong, the
music tied into the game wonderfully, and the worldmap was beautiful. I loved the character
screens, and little snippets like "special power: He's pink!" really brighten up the
experience. Menu transitions were absolutely fantastic and the spinning dialogue balloon
was a rather nice touch. To improve, I'd allow you to get back out to the menu within the game at
all times (even if it's simply pressing escape.) at least allow us to quit it in some way! - I'd
also tweak the combat system to give a message if you try to do something you can't do (like use a
potion when there are none). But these are really fairly minor issues. It's not perfect, but
it's very strong. If you were using this as a game engine for a larger game, I'd focus on content
and battle mechanics. I'd give production a 5. Overall, I enjoyed playing through this. I'd
hold it up as an example of what one person can do in a week in python.

5 5 3

Nice work. Some movement when attacking would have been nice, even if it was just stepping
forward and stepping back, or having a claw appear on the enemy.

3 4 2

Cute characters and presentation was very well done, despite some of the graphics being a
little under-developed. The game play itself wasn't anything innovative, but didn't
prevent me from enjoying it.

3 5 3

Good realization, but I Don't like concept!

2 4 3

Good game but I didn't enjoy it