PyWeek - DRummb0ID - feedback

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4 4 4

Nice game! Interesting mechanic about hidden data that tests your reflexes and memory. I like
the ease of the controls, but I wound up not using the laser basically at all. I guess I would have
liked a little more real-time feedback about how I was doing. Maybe even just a quick sign when
something bad made it to the core. I like what you did with the credits. That was pretty funny.

3 4 4

This was fun. I like this idea of having the bad guys hidden, and keeping track of the scanners
and the bad emails. It's also decently polished, graphics and effects are good. Nice work.

1 1 1 yes

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CRITICAL:pyknic.main:previous error was fatal, terminating...

3 3 3

Nice job.

3 3 2

The game becomes quite challenging at later levels.

3 3 3

First time run: crash trying to load mp3s (not supported on osx through pygame). Disabled
music in settings, all worked fine. Fun game .. story is very wacky but cool. Fun graphics and
sounds (pity couldn’t enjoy the music). The gameplay concept was simple but addictive.

2 3 2

There are some good ideas in this game and it feels very complete. I like the idea of the scanning
of the packets to see what is in them. It was quite fun to shoot them, although since the
direction was always the same (at least as far as I got) it got a bit repetitive after a while.
Also it wasn't very clear when the good or bad packets had got to the CPU.

4 4 2

Overall production was very nice, I liked the intro, in-game explanation of what to do, and
credits. The actual game was very simplistic, though. (Nits: The hitboxes for the packets
seemed way larger than their sprites, which caused quite a bit of friendly fire when I was

4 5 4

A nice, polished game in the "stationary turret" category. That credits sequence was great.

3 2 2

OK game.

3 3 3

Interesting story, gets difficult when packages line up, but is a pretty good game.