PyWeek - Isle of the Cursed Phoenix - feedback

Fun Prod Inno Disq N/W Comments
4 4 4

great game :) i'll keep on playing

4 3 3

A pretty cool roguelike. I didn't have enough patience to play it all the way through yet though. ;-) I probably will later. A savegame feature would be really nice.

4 3 5

I loved this game!
I also love nethack, so that probably had to do with it :)
Very bold to enter PyWeek with a curses based game, we thought of doind something like this for last compo but were outvoted. You really did a great job of this, it's very nicely polished, and the encounters and powerups are quite nicely balanced (at least until where I played). I wasn't able to finish the game as I had to keep on looking at other games, but I'm definitely going back to Cursed Pheonix when this is over :)

3 4 4

Love to see someone giving curses a chance

5 4 3

Had loads of fun with this one. I also scored it high on production for the content, not for the graphics ;-)

2 1 3 yes

The final entry wouldn't run at all on windows for me.

5 5 3

Really cool game! Story was nice, magics are fun to chase, the character display is perfect in its own style. Congratulations!

4 3 3

A roguelike! And pretty easy to get into too. With my nethack experience, I went through the manual looking for the keys to use, and found nothing. But the UI turned out to be quite informative. I do wonder whether you can go diagonally though, and how. I will definitely come back to play this one again, as I have only scratched the surface of it so far. Fun!

I've given innovation "average". It's a roguelike, which means it's not innovative and innovative at the same time. It's a roguelike, so that's not too innovative. Seen those before. It's also innovative in that not many people develop roguelikes (it's not, say, a platformer or a first person shooter). You also have a few nice innovations within the genre, and the underlying plot is also neat.

I've given production "about average". Again, it's a roguelike, so there is only limited production you can do in the way of graphics or sounds. But within the scope roguelike, it works well, and it's easy to use.

3 3 3

Very nice game! I like rouge style!

4 4 3

I tough that this game will not be fun. I was wrong. It has really strong story. I was absorbed by it. Thanks, it shows hard work.

5 2 3

WOW! I had to download the pygame version to play, but still this is a great game for a week!

5 4 4

I think this is one of the best games I ever played.

4 2 3

I don't know if maybe I should check "did not work", since I couldn't get the game to work, even on Linux. The post-deadline version was fun, though.

3 2 3

Cool, a roguelike game!

1 1 1 yes

Ncurses doesnt' work under windows :(
sry but could not rate

4 3 3

Oh well, I'm not much into roguelikes but I like it.

1 1 1 yes

Crashed due to some problem with curses on my system (MacOSX 10.4, Python 2.5).

5 4 4

Fantastic game! It was honestly one of my favorites of the competition, and I played it quite a
bit. I run Windows and OSX, so I had to run the post-competition Pygame version, but I think it
still counts. The game is fantastic, and I really love the whole idea and the storyline. The
idea of a mystical island that operates on a cycle of death and rebirth strikes me as very
Jonathan Swift-ish as if I was playing a chapter out of Gulliver's Travels. It's an enchanting
environment, and I had a wonderful time playing it multiple times. Thanks for the wonderful
game -- you put on a very impressive show with this one, and I hope that you place well. Thanks!

3 4 4

Now that's oldschool... I like it.

5 4 3

The rating scheme seems limited when applied to rogue-type games, but this game had very little that was undesired. The gameplay was very balanced and very fun. I could imagine playing this well after the competition just to kill time. This was one of the games that I had to play multiple times, just cuz.

1 1 1 yes

Does not run under windows.. (strange that you have to rate it even with dq, I could after all not
test it.) Might test the pygame version later and rate based on that (with dq) if I have time.

3 3 3

It was kind of cool, but next time you might want to consider a different library than curses for a game!

4 2 2

It's a nice, pretty well balanced roguelike. The phoenix nests are sometimes a bit hard to find, but otherwise I found the gameplay quite nice. The fire spreading from below is a good element, and you have to play a while to find the right strategy for beating the game. The production isn't anything special, but at least the UI is straightforward and easy to learn.

3 1 3

Kinda fun and the randomness of the game adds to replay value.

2 2 1

not working on windows on deadline entry, and in the post-deadline i can see many of the map elements are missing (i bought a map but didn't see anything)

3 3 3

Cool game. :)

5 3 4

Very fun to play, it will surely appeal to the roguefolk.

4 2 3

This was pretty fun, I liked all the player building options you threw into it.

4 3 2

Fun! I love the roguelikes. The fact that something happened almost every turn was cool. Good work.

4 3 3

Fun game. I'm happy you got the other version up so I could play it. I like the gameplay and I had fun playing it and trying to beat my previous scores.

4 2 4

I'm so very happy that a rogue-like is in Pyweek this round! Cool use of theme, too! For
production points, the game could have used some sound, maybe some music. Perhaps a main menu
screen would be cool, too?

1 1 1 yes

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 16, in ?
File "/Users/lucio/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Cursed/Cursed Phoenix/lib/", line 24, in main
File "/Users/lucio/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Cursed/Cursed Phoenix/lib/ui/", line 7, in main
curses.wrapper(lambda stdscr: self.set_up_and_run(stdscr))
File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.4//lib/python2.4/curses/", line 44, in wrapper
return func(stdscr, *args, **kwds)
File "/Users/lucio/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Cursed/Cursed Phoenix/lib/ui/", line 7, in <lambda>
curses.wrapper(lambda stdscr: self.set_up_and_run(stdscr))
File "/Users/lucio/Desktop/pyweek-4-finals/Cursed/Cursed Phoenix/lib/ui/", line 10, in set_up_and_run
_curses.error: curs_set() returned ERR

3 4 3

Looks like it has some promise, but it felt REALLY random.

3 3 1

more fun then it looks like. never played one of these old school rpgs but this makes me want to take a look at them. everything fits together.

4 1 4

Very nice game. I like the idea to uses curses to make a text-based game, and this is definitly a game that I'll play again :)
Haven't managed to finish it yet, but I'll give it some more tries.

4 4 5

The simplicity of the gameplay and the innovative scenario make this game really fun. It's also quite difficult, as most roguelikes are. I wish it was a tad easier so I could see the ending :( The characters used are well chosen, and the controls are simple. Definately a different sort of game.

4 4 4

I've gotta give you props for making a curses based game. Was a bit of fun, felt like I was out of
control or maybe just didn't have a good strategy. You made a rogue like so I can't give that much
for innovation. It seems well rounded and documented though. Oddly enough every time I died I
wanted to play more.

1 1 1 yes

Doesn't work on windows.

1 1 1 yes

This entry is DECLARATIVELY only for linux. I don't know if it breaks any official rules, but I think that is not fair at that.

1 1 1 yes

Tried on windows, didn't wro┬┤k

4 4 3

Really well done. Lots of random fun :)

4 5 4

I've always been a fan of roguelikes. I'm enjoying this one. It's fairly innovative and cool.
The skills system is just neat!. One small thing though: I'm guessing movement takes much
longer when there's no diagonal arrow keys, for example with laptops. Nethack uses keys YUBN
for diagonal movement, while Castle of the Winds uses YUBN as well as Home, End, PgUp, PgDn.